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6 Really Expensive Sweets That Reminds Me Of Ambani, Because Ye Humare Budget Se Bahar Hai

Diwali, for most of us, is a time when we get to munch bhin bhin types of mithai. Like to be very honest, at least for me, eating these sweets that make their presence felt at my home only once throughout the year is all the reason I love Diwali for.

Share similar emotions? I know you do.

Source – Curly Tales

While many of us go a little extra on cash when purchasing mithais for Diwali festivities, yet still, there are still some sweets that we, being our middle-class self, think twice before purchasing.

And a grander version of those expensive sweets are these ultra-expensive sweets that are not healthy for your pocket.

1. Exotica

Exotica Mithai (Hindi word for sweet) is prepared by Chhappan Bhog, a shop that Ravindra Gupta inaugurated back in 1992. Today, Exotica, prepared with 7-8 ingredients including blueberries from the USA and macadamia from South Africa and Australia is sold at Rs 50,000 per kilo.

Source – TOI

2. Gold Ghari

This one is from Gujarat so it has to be expensive I believe. This sweet called Gold Ghari, which is a unique version of Ghari (sweet made of mawa, ghee and sugar especially in Surat) is sold at ₹9000 per kg.

3. Gold Leaf

Another one from Gujarat is this sweets store named 24 Carat Mithai Magic selling its dry fruit special in gold for ₹9000 per kg. “The sweet is made of dry fruits and gulkhand and we have replaced the silver sheet we generally use for covering sweets with a gold one this year to make Rakha Bandhan celebrations grand,” says Radha Mithaiwala, owner of the sweet shop.

Source – Money Control

4. Besan Ladoos

Besan Ladoos with French chocolate inside. Yes, you heard that right. The sweet, initially introduced by Arq workshop in Delhi is now a luxury sweet for many. And for its unique creativity and taste that I have no idea of, it has been priced at ₹3,000 per kg.

Source – ARQ

5. Italian Brut Pistachio Ladoo

This one is not the most expensive but a single piece of this delicacy is sold by Gur Chini at ₹100. This sweet, which many would say looks like coronavirus, is actually made of dry fruits.

6. Suvrana Mithai

Selling in Mumbai’s Thane, the Suvarna mithai has been priced at ₹9,000 per kg by the owner Prashant Sakpal. Prepared using gold leaves, almond, saffron, pistachio and cardamom, the ostentatious ingredients justify the price, he says.

Source – Mid Day

Ahh!1 pet bhar gaya!!

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