A Petrol Pump In Russia Offered Free Petrol To Anybody In Bikini, Here’s What Happened Next

When Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia deemed they have nailed a unique marketing strategy that would drive the unexpected to the petrol station, they weren’t wrong.

For the unexpected surely happened. However, not in a way, Olive station would have wanted to.

The Russian petrol pump, the other day, came up with an interesting idea when it offered free petrol to anybody who comes dressed in a bikini. While the staff would have expected women in a bikini at the fuel station, some men took advantage of the offer and enjoyed the special offer.

In the pictures, one could see men donning borrowed (obviously) bikinis and queueing at the station to get their gas tankers full.

Indeed, some people went a little extra a paired the bikini with heels. Not the worst idea I tell you.

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The unique publicity stunt by the petrol station surely garnered much attention although it lasted for only three hours.

And thankfully, the marketing strategy didn’t fail completely as the station also witnessed what they would have expected in the first place – women in bikini. Or surely someone was going to lose their job.

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Netizens from across the web welcomed the unique idea besides ensuring they laugh out loud.

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