These Videos Of Elephants Chasing Butterflies, Shaking Tree & Enjoying Life Is All The Motivation You Need Today

Childhood is the best part of our lives, a time when most of us have to worry about nothing. And probably, the same goes for animals. Yes, we know that most of them don’t have to worry at all throughout the entirety of their lives, but the child-animals are still more jolly than the grown-ups. And this video is an example.

Recently, Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda shared a video elephant chasing butterflies and birds. And it’s the most adorable thing ever. In the video, a baby elephant can be seen playing around with no worries to plague his experience.

Soon, netziens joined in to say a word or two about the video as they can’t stop drooling over the cute little baby elephant having the time of its life.

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Thankfully, there are many more videos of elephants having fun on the block that we had fun watching. And we believe you will too. Have a look:

We all have done this.

This is soothing.

These chases never end.

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Aren’t you already in love with elephants?

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