This Couple Spent A Year & Half Updating Their 90s School Bus Into A Home, & Result Is A Place Better Than My Apartment

We all have our own ways to live our lives and want differnet things from it. While most of us sit by the computer five days a week to fill our pockets with money, some decide to work remotely so they can fill their pockets with adventure.

And this couple named Robbie and Priscilla is the same. The couple loves travelling and has an Instagram account where they document their travel story. The best part? They work remotely and thus have so much time left for beholding the world.

Images Credit – Robbie and Priscilla

However, while travelling, finding accommodation could be both an expensive and gruelling process. So the couple came up with an idea to convert their 1998 Thomas School Bus and transformed it into a tiny house on wheels.

And trust me, it has got everything you need to live a peaceful and comfortable life. Also, it gives you the freedom to travel where ever you want.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the couple said they wanted a house on wheels as they wish to spend the next 2-3 years of their life travelling. And also, they wanted their pet to follow them on the journey.

They said they just had to break away from the monotony of their daily lives. “We were our happiest when traveling, when exploring new places, when trying new foods, when immersing ourselves in new cultures. We thrive off of experiencing new things and going on adventures. There is something magical about traveling. It goes beyond seeing different sights. It’s the experiences that change you. We would come home from our trips ready to plan our next adventure. It left us thirsty for another memorable experience.

The features of the bus include a living space that is 210 square feet with a 24v system, powered by 6 360-watt solar panels and equipped with 8 6V 315AH Trojan batteries. The bus also has AC and heater to adapt according to the environment and everything else you will find in an apartment.

The couple had been on road for over 10 months max and has visited 137 different cities on that trip without having an itinerary. However, they had returned to their home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The best part about the van is it is fitted with so many windows that offer glossy views of nature in their vicinity. We are sure that the couple would be proud of their creation.

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And also sure you want one badly.

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