10 People You Cannot Miss To Spot Everyday In Delhi Metro

Did you know that Delhi Metro is among the very few metro systems in the world that have made profits since their first day of operations. And that too when fares are pocket friendly for anyone to travel.

Especially, when the heat outside is above 45 degrees, you wouldn’t mind spending your entire day inside the train travelling back n forth on the same route.

But then, there are some people who have just been your co-passengers to take away that little zen from you.

Like these:

1. Playing music on their phone’s speaker

loud music in train

From Haryanvi Ragini to old Bollywood classics to ‘Chittiyan kalaiyan’, they play everything at full volume on their Chinese phones. Then you search on google- How to hide annoyance in public places!

2. Peeping at someone else’s phone/laptop

lusty stare

And that is why you strictly avoid whatsapping those big red hearts to your loved ones.

3. Eating meals

eating nonsensically

The smell that touch your nose as soon as they open the tiffin box. Even the bestest of food seems gross at that time.

4. Talking loudly on their phones

shouting on phone

you get to hear the domestic violence on phone.

5. Rushing into metro even before the gate could open

jumping against metro

All it reminds you of the song, “Bang my head against the wall”

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6. Boarding a metro when completely sloshed

drunk in metro

They may smell bad to you but definitely gives you a story worth telling your flatmates or sometimes the whole world.

7. Staring at other people for no reason

unpleasent stare

They are the creepy ones and makey you wonder- “What do you want, Man?”

8. Hanging back pack on the back in the crowded metro

stereo hitting the head

And when that bag hits you on your face, you push them ahead with all the anger puking out of your face.

9. Women forgetting about equality

You rushed into the metro to grab that corner seat beating the entire roman army at that narrow passage.  Then, a woman comes and stands on your face with her every bone asking for your seat.

10. Realizing to get off the train at the last moment

Well, things get serious when you are travelling especially on the blue line.

But whatever be the type of people you see in Delhi metro, you still love your city as you have also found your best buddies and roomies in this ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’.


Have I skipped mentioning more of such personalities? Do let us know in comments and we will add a suitable gif for that too!!


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