Quack!! Quack!! Ducks ‘Win’ Case Filed Against Them In France

The world can get weird with what it does. And got a tab bit weirder when a person in France filed a complaint against ‘Ducks’ in France quoting that the racket is making their life a misery.

Notably, Dominique Douth (the owner of the ducks) neighbours have filed a case against the birds’ “quacking” saying the noise made by them was exceeding the acceptable limits.

The complaint filer had moved in the Pyrenees, southwestern France, into a property that is close to the setting where Douthe’s duck flock relaxes and quacks.

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The neighbour’s lawyer has said that the ducks’ quacks exceed the permissible limit and thus prevent the neighbour’s from enjoying their garden or sleeping with their house windows open.

However, following the hearing, the court held that the noise from the flock of around 60 ducks and geese kept by retired farmer Douthe was within acceptable limits. “The ducks can continue quacking,” said the court.

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“The ducks have won,” Douthe told Reuters after the court decision. “I’m very happy because I didn’t want to slaughter my ducks.”

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