Five Incredible Features WhatsApp Is Getting In 2023

Do you like the feeling of your favourite application getting a major modification update? If yes, then you will be excited to know that WhatsApp is getting the five most useful features of all time with separate update rollouts in 2023. The reason behind this fast-forward approach of this platform is to get ahead of rivals. Irrespective of being Planet’s most favoured instant messaging application, WhatsApp is slow when it comes to adapting new features. As 2022 is ending, Meta has now learned how much behind in the race of features they are. So, 2023 is going to be WhatsApp’s best year getting new update rollouts. Hence, for next year, five of the earliest releases are mentioned below.

Top Five Most Useful Features WhatsApp Is Getting Till Early 2023:

Call Recording

Call Recording WhatsApp

No one wants WhatsApp to add a call recording feature but it’s already coming no matter what. Users can activate call recordings to save sensitive conversations between friends, colleagues, etc. hopefully WhatsApp may introduce a privacy setting for the users to prevent their call from being recorded just hiding online status or last seen.

Scheduled Messaging

Scheduled Messaging

This feature is going to benefit professionals the most, employees, large corporations and even students. They can set a reminder after this update to send messages after a predefined period of time. This feature will help every individual to wish someone, allot a task, remind them of essential tasks, etc.

Moreover, with all the above-mentioned abilities, if we combine the Scheduled messaging feature with the message yourself ability, then users can send a scheduled message to themselves as a reminder, to do tasks, etc.

Edit Sent Message

Edit Sent Message

Apple allows its users to edit their sent messages in iMessages and the same is coming to WhatsApp. This app will soon allow editing the sent messages because of which users will no longer have to completely delete or auto-delete the messages. Users will save themselves from deleting the long messages, instead, they can just edit and send correct messages.

Unsend a Message

Unsend a Message

Unlike deleting a message for everyone which leaves the track of a deleted message, users will be able to unsend them. This feature is already available in Instagram DM and users are able to unsend their wrongly sent messages.

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Vanish Mode

Vanish Mode

With this feature, users will be able to create a temporary chat thread which can be ended as the chat ends. WhatsApp is adapting this ability from its sisters, Instagram and Facebook.

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