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Gemstones You Should Wear As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Gemstones are dear to many people for they are beautiful in unimaginable ways. However, less know that not every gemstone suits us. Depending upon various aspects, like your zodiac sign, it is recommended that only specific gemstones must be carried.

And if you have been trying to figure out what gemstone would be ideal for personal prosperity, then here is a list.

Note: We do recommend that you visit an astrologer in case if planning to buy any of the gemstones mentioned below. 


Aries people are ruled by Mars thus are high on energy and get too excited when it comes to making a decision. Hence, Aries seek a clear mind thus must wear a diamond as it brings clarity of thought.

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Ruled by Venus, a Taurus is emotional, stubborn and often underestimates themselves a lot. Thus, the lucky stone for Taureans is Emerald. The stone is believed to boost self-esteem and confidence.



An Agate stone is what all the Geminis in the town can opt for as it brings a balance of harmony and health – something that Gemini’s crave.

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Like the moon changes its shape regularly, Cancerians and their mood swings are invariable. Hence it is recommended that Cancerians carry a natural pearl stone with them.



Leo is ruled by the sun and thus entertain vibrant personality traits. Ruby for Leo helps them express and spew warmth which they entail in abundance.

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A Virgo is believed to be prone to stress and depression. Ruled by Venus, Sapphire stone helps Virgo fight unwanted mood swings.



Librans belong to the air element and are cool and charming. However, they have a tough time staying focused. Thus must wear a Peridot stone as it symbolizes patience.

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Scorpio and their relation with melancholic is renowned. Thus, Granet suits them the best as it helps repel negative energy.



Sagittarius are bubbly, ambitious and also tame aggression traits. Hence the stone for Sagittarius is Turquoise as it helps them boost the former two traits while plunging the latter.

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The gemstone for Capricorns is gemstone as it brings intelligence, happiness and good luck to the individual wearing it.



The last air sign of the zodiac is ruled by Uranus. The lucky stone for the signs is Amethyst as it is considered to bring them good luck and protection against negative energy.

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If you have not heard of Aquamarine, it is a precious stone that brings clarity in the minds of people donning it.

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