IRCTC Clarifies, E-Ticket Booking for Others Still Permitted

A representative for the railway ministry denied rumours that suggested there might be limitations on the purchase of electronic tickets for people with distinct surnames using an IRCTC account, in reaction to recent allegations making the rounds on the internet. 

The representative assured the public that purchasing e-tickets for people with different last names is allowed, stressing that such stories are untrue and deceptive. 

The spokeswoman for the railway ministry restated that e-tickets can be purchased on the IRCTC website by adhering to the Railway Board’s rules. With their unique User ID, account holders can use these publicly accessible rules to purchase tickets for friends, family, and other relations in addition to themselves.

Limits on Ticket Booking and Aadhar Verification

Users may reserve up to 12 tickets from their account each month. Furthermore, if the account user has completed Aadhar authentication, they can reserve up to 24 tickets in a month, as long as every ticket has at least one Aadhar-authenticated passenger. Important to remember is that tickets purchased with personal user IDs are only intended for personal use; selling them for profit is prohibited per section 143 of the Railways Act, 1989.

Maintaining Conformity and Avoiding Abuse

To fight system abuse, the railway ministry is dedicated to making sure ticket booking policies are followed. The ministry wants to maintain accountability and openness in the booking process, which is why it is making the e-ticket booking rules and user permissions clear. 

To ensure easy and hassle-free ticket purchase experiences, passengers are urged to follow the stated standards and use their IRCTC accounts properly.

How to Purchase a Ticket on IRCTC

  • Go to the IRCTC website and enter your account credentials.
  • Select “Book Your Ticket” from the menu.
  • Enter the destination and boarding addresses.
  • Decide on the departure date.
  • Select the class that is traveling.
  • Check out the available rail alternatives.
  • Select “Book Now” from the menu.
  • Complete the passenger information.
  • Put in the captcha code and cellphone number.

How To Cancel Train Ticket Through IRCTC Website

  • Visit the IRCTC webpage and input your login credentials.
  • Select “Booked Ticket History” from the drop-down menu when you hover your cursor over the “My Account” area.
  • Select the “Cancel Ticket” option after locating the reservation you want to cancel.
  • The window will pop up.
  • Check the box next to each person whose tickets you wish to cancel after selecting it. 

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