It Costs Rs. 35,000 To Make An iPhone 11 Pro Max Which Costs Rs. 1.09 Lakh In India

If you were excited about Apple launching its iPhone 11 series at fairly less price than the iPhone X series, then we have news that would plunge that excitement. 

As per Tech Insights, who did a teardown of Apple’s latest creation Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, noted that making an iPhone 11 Pro Max costs a mere Rs. 35,000. The team identified each and every component used to make the phone and tagged them the price they are available at.

iphone 11 pro max

The most expensive component of the phone was identified to be its triple-lens camera which, Tech Insight claims, will cost $73.50. The second most expensive was the touchscreen AMOLED display at $66.50 while the $64 A13 processor claimed the third spot.

When totaled, the cost of manufacturing an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max was $490.50.

However, before you hurl bad words at Apple, you need to consider other factors that go behind making a product like an 11 Pro Max. These include employees’ salary, research, marketing, advertising and more.

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So if think you have been dommed after buying an iPhone 11, we would say maybe a liitle and not entirely.

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