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Man Tells Wife He Is COVID +VE, Switches Off Phone And Goes To Live With His Lover

The pandemic has inspired people to do extra stuff be it investing in a new hobby or starting a business. But, on the other hand, it has also changed how people see relationships.

While some want to get back with their ex, others are up with some really funny, bizarre and unacceptable love hacks. Like in one incident, a man went to the market to get groceries and returned back home with a wife. 

Source – Finacial Times

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In another incident, a woman was recently seeking a divorce from his husband because he didn’t fight with her throughout the lockdown period.

Source – National Herald

And now, there are reports that a man told his wife that he has coronavirus only to flee with his girlfriend. The person, as per the reports, lives in Mumbai and one day called his wife to inform her that he has gotten infected. Adding that he will not survive.

After that, he switched off his phone and went MIA. 

Source – The Atlantic

The family members then filed a missing complaint. And the fact that he had switched off his phone took the police as many as 2 months to get hold of him. And when they did, the man was found living with his lover in Indore under a fake name in a rented apartment.

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After learning of the extra-marital affair, the police did the needful and sent him back to his wife.

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