Now, What Is Pashu Aadhaar? Read How To Apply For It?

A biometric identifier is letting UIDAI perform complex tasks with ease. Now with the recent developments, the government is going to introduce ‘Pashu aadhaar; which aims to create the country’s largest animal database, all related to the dairy industry.

Now, What Is Pashu Aadhaar

Pashu Aadhar

The Pashu aadhaar process involves tagging animals with a health-determining tag. This process will help the Government to expand the dairy industry.

What Is Pashu Aadhaar?

For the dairy industry to grow the health of related animals should be monitored to grow productivity. That’s why the Government is creating the largest database of animals through which they can track their health. These animals are going to be allotted pashu aadhaar, a unique identity number, just like humans have allotted aadhaars.

“The Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH), which will be known as Pashu Aadhaar, is being developed by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).”

Animals will be tagged with a hard object in the ears (that will not hurt them) containing a 12-digit barcode UID number. “The INAPH will have information about the breed, species, and pedigree of the animal. Information on calving, milk production, and vaccination will also be included.”

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How To Apply For A Pashu Aadhaar?

  • For such animal owners of the dairy industry, people can register themselves at the IANPH website.
  • On the homepage click on sign up to get an INAPH account.
  • Now verify yourself with an OTP received at the entered mobile number.
  • “Farmers have two options for gaining access to INAPH to register their livestock online.”
  • “Offline, farmers who have enrolled will receive an SMS on their phone with their login details and a link to the INAPH Farmer Android application. Additionally, farmers can download the INAPH Farmer Android app directly.”
  • “Online farmers who have enrolled will receive a text message with their login details on their phones, and they may then access the INAPH Farmer Web application by logging in to the portal”, mentioned Indiatoday.

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