7 Incidents Which Absolutely Proves That “Mere Office Mai Bhoot Hai !!!”

Okay, you might think I’m joking, but I’m not. I will never joke on this topic.

My boss might publish this article under the funny section, but I’m making it clear, I’m not joking.

I work in a co-working space. I can’t tell you its name for obvious reasons, but I can give you a hint. Its name resembles with the most common photo-sharing app that everyone has. Anyway, moving on.

My office building looks normal from the outside, but the elevators are really old. Every day when I get in it, I get the feeling I’m going to get trapped. It has already happened twice and after the second time, I was sure that there is a ghost inside my office. Here’s my office horror story.

Incident 1 (My Story)

office horror story

It all started last week when I saw a ghost in my dream that night, before my 23rd birthday. I woke up panicked only to find out that it is around 3 A.M. I tried to check my phone to see how many birthday messages are there but soon dozed off.

Next morning, I woke up with a bloody headache, that felt like I’m carrying 100kgs over my head. My stomach was bloated and my birthday started with me throwing up. Ugghh!! Though I don’t drink, and it certainly didn’t feel like food poisoning.

I remembered the dream, which doesn’t happen normally. And I was feeling weird like I was possessed and there is someone else inside my body sharing space with my soul. But I didn’t want to think about that, it was my birthday after all but who knew I was all set to spark an office horror story today.

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Incident 2 (How I spent my birthday at work)

office horror story

I don’t work as a freelancer anymore. That means I had to go to work on my BIRTHDAY. I was feeling excited but my head and tummy were not feeling the same. I tried not to think about it, tried to distract my mind and headed to work, but I didn’t know an office horror story was in the making.

We had a little pizza party. My boss tried to surprise me with the birthday cake, though I already knew his plans. Apart from the urges to throw up, the day went well, we had fun. I got to leave early, I had my daily smoke-up ritual with my colleague, and I headed back home.

But then things got creepy as soon as I got inside that scary elevator, it suddenly stopped midway. This has happened to me earlier as well, so I knew what I to do. I pressed the emergency ring button, waited inside the lift for almost 5 minutes and then I heard the building staff ask me if I’m okay, through the intercom.

They opened the door and I got off from the elevator. He was surprised to see that the malfunction was caused due to overweight, while I was the only one trapped inside. Just so you know, I’m a quite skinny guy. Was that ghost too heavy?

Incident 3 (Zorawar’s Story)

office horror story

Zorawar is a Himachali guy, he is IT guy of our office. He has the fairest skin tone and thick black beard on his face. I wish I had a similar thick beard so that I can rock a cap the way he does. But it’s okay, I’m happy with what I’ve.

A couple of weeks back, he saw something that I don’t think anyone can explain. A new client was visiting our office and the reception was empty, except Zorawar who had decided to work from the reception area that day. The client couldn’t get inside the office without authorization, as there is a biometric system installed at the main door.

So, Zorawar gets to the door and unlocked the door from the inside so that the new client can enter. But what happened next gave birth to this office horror story.

What he saw was quite horrifying. The new client didn’t just come inside at once. First, he pushed the door to open it and made space for the other person to go. Though there was no other person, Zorawar was seeing all this and he described it as, “Bhai, phat gayi thi!!!”

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Incident 4 (Maulana)

office horror story

I really don’t completely believe in this one, but here it is: Aminul Islam, he is our office boy, he can make coffee and Maggie for us but I never asked him. He gives me the vibes, that he doesn’t want to do any work so go fuck yourself. I didn’t want to upset the guy, especially after knowing that he has confronted that ghost.

He is a Maulana, for those who don’t know Maulana is a Muslim man revered for his religious learning or piety, which makes it a more convincing office horror story.

A while ago, he had to stay in the office for the night. He didn’t know about the evil things that are happening around before that so he agreed to stay. That night he sensed something, something that I’m also feeling right now while writing this post. Just like me at this moment he also knew that there is a ghost in our office.

Because he is Maulana, he known’s how to talk to a ghost and capture them. So, he tried to establish a connection, but ghosts are not idiots they know if they agree to come in front of a Maulana, they can get captured. So the ghost never appeared, but Maulana did witness some paranormal activities.

He got the picture as proof, the story might not sound real but proofs reveal a completely different story. That’s why I don’t want to comment on it at this point in time.

Incident 5 (Sudden temperature drop)

office horror story

Writing this post was not our plan for this week. But when I shared the detail of these incidents with the team, they found it interesting. They laughed too but agreed on the idea. That’s why my boss asked me to write this post, under the funny stories section, even though it is an office horror story.

He is cool, he brought a cake for my birthday but maybe that’s why sometimes his responses are cold as well. Just to be sure, that there is actually a ghost around me, I did a Google search on topics that tell us about the signs that there is a ghost around you.

Sudden temperature drop in the surrounding is caused by the presence of a spirit near you. Four months back when I joined this workplace it was warm outside, but still sometimes the surrounding temperature dropped suddenly, giving a chill down everybody’s spine. Though, this could be just because I’m skinny and there is a lack of fat on my body makes me feel cold early. But everyone else also felt the same and this has happened many times.

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Incident 6 (Getting goosebumps for no reason)

office horror story

I never paid much attention when I got those goosebumps, I thought they were just normal. But after reading that if you are getting goosebumps for no reason, it means there is a spirit around you. This means every time when I got those goosebumps while going to the washroom, in the elevator and inside the cafeteria, there was someone watching me.

Also, most of the times our boss leaves early and I and my colleague stay late until we take care of the rest of the work. Obviously, most of the other offices get empty by then. And its just two or three people in the entire co-working space, apart from us.

Sometimes, when my colleague gets back from the washroom, she swears she got a feeling that someone was inside the locked cabin. She too gets goosebumps for no reason, while going or coming back from the loo. And after I came up with this story, she totally agrees to my office horror story.

Incident 7 (Sorry)

office horror story

Sorry, there is no 7th incident, it just my boss told me that listicle articles with an odd number like 3, 5 and 7 attract more eyes. I don’t know if this will work or not but this is what it is. Sorry guys, have to be that guy.

In Conclusion:

I know, you think that this is a funny article, but that doesn’t mean everything that I’ve told you is also a joke. I told you in the very beginning, I’m not joking. I’m telling you again there is a ghost inside my office.

I don’t know the story yet, but I’ll be back when I get to know more about this ghost and complete my office horror story.

I’m very excited and scared AF!!!

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