Received Form 16? Here’s How to File Your Taxes in 5 Steps

An essential document for paid workers, Form 16 is provided by employers by June 15 of each year. It is essential to have this document when completing your income tax returns (ITR) since it details the taxes that are withheld from your pay and sent to the government.

Understanding Form 16

Form 16 offers a comprehensive overview of your income and deductions, making the ITR filing procedure easier. There are two sections to it:

  • Part A: TDS information is contained in Part A, which also includes the tax deducted and the specifics of the challan used to deposit the TDS. 
  • Part B: Provides a breakdown of your pay, including information on deductions, allowances, and other tax-related items.

Steps to Follow After Receiving Form 16

A tax document that summarizes your pay and the TDS that the government has collected is called Form 16. After you receive it, you should perform the following:

1. Review and Verify Information

Make sure all the information on Form 16, including your personal data, employer’s details, income breakdown, and TDS information, is correct by carefully going over it.

2. Compare with Form 26AS

Visit the Income Tax Department’s website to get Form 26AS. A unified view of your TDS by all deductors is provided by this form. Look for any differences by comparing it to Form 16.

3. Address Discrepancies

Get in touch with the HR or finance department of your workplace to fix any discrepancies that exist between Form 16 and Form 26AS. You’ll get an amended Form 16 after they file a corrected TDS return.

4. Prepare for Income Tax Filing

To be ready to file your ITR, get all the required paperwork together, including bank statements and investment evidence for tax deductions, after your Form 16 has been confirmed.

5. File Your Income Tax Return (ITR)

Fill out the relevant ITR form on the Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal using the information in Form 16. Based on Form 16, the form will pre-populate the income facts.

You can make sure that the income tax filing procedure goes smoothly and accurately by carefully following these instructions. Tax season might be less stressful if you use Form 16, which not only makes compliance easier but also helps you claim deductions and prevent problems.

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