In Pics: The Good And The Bad Side Of Mumbai Rain

Mumbai has been drenched, filled and choked with continuous rain for a couple of days now and there is no stopping to it. As per reports, Mumbai hasn’t experienced a downpour like the one it is experiencing currently in the past 46 years and it’s surely a reason to enjoy and worry

The fact that how sensitive Mumbai’s infrastructure is to rain is no hidden fact. Even the slightest of rain can fill up Mumbai streets and this is the situation for the most part of the year.

Nevertheless, just in case you don’t know how malleable Mumbai exactly is to rain, then here are some pictures and videos of the current situation in Mumbai that will make things clear for you. Have a look:

And that’s how I would go gaga once this COVID-19 is no more a thing in our lives. The Mumbai rains are a drastic reality for the poor and sometimes even for the well to do. However, it also brings moments one could cherish, enjoy and share.

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Well this is not a river but a street in Mumbai. The inundation is mostly due to the depletion of Mangroves, unplanned city building and lack of maintenance work by BMC. And the fact that Mumbai comes in the way of both types of the monsoon – Southwest and Northeast – in India is another reason why rain and Mumbai are like soulmate.

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Some things never change.

This can only happen in India. Actually it’s something to learn from. It teaches you how to make the best out of every situation and find happiness in the tiniest of moments.

Bollywood, Mumbai and rain entertain an inseparable bond.

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Rains can be tragic. If you are blessed with a shelter to hide under, then enjoy it. However, also ensure you help someone in need. It costs nothing.

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