WhatsApp Made Android To iOS And iOS To Android Chat Transfer Official

WhatsApp had been testing cross-platform chat transferring features for a long time. But a tweet made by the official account of the instant messaging platform finally made it official. So far if a user wants to transfer his or her chat from android to ios or vice versa, then he or she needs to download a third-party application to do so. These methods were very hectic and also cost a decent amount.

WhatsApp Made Android To iOS Chat Transfer Official

Cross Platform Chat Transfer Made Official

A tweet on July 20, which made a cross-platform chat transferring feature official, was posted by WhatsApp, with the captions, “A new way to keep the chats that mean the most ?? Today, you’ll have the ability to transfer your entire chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa. Now you have the freedom to switch to and from your preferred devices.”

Until now only the option to transfer chats from Android to iPhone was up on the list of WhatsApp’s support features and the Move to iOS tool makes it all possible. Also, both receiving and sending devices were needed to update up to the latest version. Along with the above conditions, the iPhone must be new or to be used after a factory reset.

WhatsApp has reportedly worked with Apple to support its feature to make the transfer of WhatsApp data from or to iOS. As the support page suggests, “you’ll be able to transfer account information, profile photo, individual and group chats, chat history, chat media, and WhatsApp settings. You won’t be able to transfer WhatsApp call history or peer-to-peer payment messages.”

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Steps To Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat Data From Android To iPhone:

  • Download and install the ‘Move to iOS’ app on your android phone and finish the prompts.
  • Now a code will show on your iPhone, when asked just enter the code in your android phone.
  • Next select continue and again finish the prompts.
  • The new page will show you the transfer data screen, now select WhatsApp.
  • Select start and wait for loading to be completed to prepare data for export.
  • By tapping next you will return to the Move to iOS app.
  • Now tap continue to start the transfer process.
  • When the transfer gets completed download WhatsApp from the App Store.
  • Install the app and complete the registration process with your number and it’s done.

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