These Are The 4 Yoga Poses For Better Sex

Yoga can be good for many things, making you strong both emotional and physically is one of its benefits. But knowing the flexibility that yoga offers, there are a lot more benefits to this ancient art of yoga.

Do you know, there are yoga poses that you can practice to have a great time in bed? Yes, here are the 5 yoga poses for better sex.

1. 180-degrees split

yoga poses for better sex

Helps in reducing stress and tension this is a very common yoga pose. But still many people don’t know that practising 180 degrees split can help you get them a better Bonner. As it promotes the blood flow around the pelvic region.

How to do it:

– Start with sitting on the floor by splitting your legs 180 degrees.
– Bend forward and hold your toes (don’t worry if you are not able do it in your first go.
– Try to stay in this position for 30 seconds.

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2. Butterfly pose

yoga poses for better sex

Helps open up the muscles around the inner thighs, which later result in improving flexibility around the sexual organs. Pretty useful right?

How to do it:

– Sit s mat. Straight on your yoga mat. Bend your knees and bring the feet as close as possible to your pelvis (your sexual organ).
– Soles of your feet must stay in contact with each other. Then inhale and try to press your thighs and knees down on the floor.
– After that slowly flap your legs up and down like the wings of a butterfly.

3. Cobra pose

yoga poses for better sex

Bhujangasana or Cobra pose is a position that aims at exciting the main chakras and sexual energy centres in the human body. It also improves vigor and vitality.

How to do it:

– Position your arms under the elbows and press down while keeping your knees and toes pressed on the floor.
– Then raise your upper body and keeping the front torso hoisted.
– Breathe in and hold your breath. Move your head up to see the sky.

4. Inverted plow

yoga poses for better sex

Regular practice of this pose calms and restores the sympathetic nervous system in your body. It improves memory and concentration, and stimulate the sexual organs.

How to do it:

– Start with the Shavasana. Lie still on the yoga mat.
– Place the palms face-down on the floor. Bend your knees and bring them up above your stomach.
– Then slowly raise your legs over the head, bending at the waist, until the toes touch the floor directly behind the head.

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In Conclusion:

Yoga is good for your body and mind. And now you know it’s good for sex as well. Just start practising these yoga poses regularly and have a new adventure with your partner in bed.

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