Here’s A List Of Worst Things That 2020 Will Be Remembered For!! Chaliye Shuru Karte Hai

2020 has been a year of disasters. From coronavirus walking beside us since the beginning of the year to recent Beirut blast, literally I haven’t seen the worst. And guess what? We still need to survive four more months of misadventure that we have no clue about.

However, if you are not the one into world news and are content with scrolling through your Instagram feed wondering “oh this quarantining is good and the year is just fine,” then you might wanna scroll through this article.

We have compiled a list of all the bad and worst things that have had happened in 2020 to this day and this, trust me, would change your thoughts about 2020. Have a look:

1. Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is like a modern-world war that we are into with no signs of it ending any time soon. One of the worst things that have happened in 2020, coronavirus, has killed over seven lakh thirty thousand people across the world. Also, India emerging as one of the world’s worst-affected countries as per the coronavirus cases is a sign of concern.

Coronavirus Pandemic
Source – Al Jazeera

2. Communal Violence In Delhi

India has a long history of communal violence, be it during the Direct Action Day in 1946 or Gujarat riots in 2002 or Anti Sikh Riots after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and many more. While India has always tried to erase the memories of these violences, but the wounds were once again scratched recently when protest sparked against CAA and turned into communal violence in India’s capital Delhi; killing over 45+ people.

Source – The Economic Times

3. Worst Locust Swarm

Rising from the deserts of Pakistan and Iran, one of the worst Locust invasion was experienced by India in 2020. The invasion of hundreds of billions of locusts swarmed through parts of East Africa and South Asia plagued the food security of over 25 million people. Meanwhile, reports suggest that there would be yet another invasion very soon.

Worst Locust Swarm
Source – The Guardian

5. Beirut Blast

One of the recent incidents that killed over 100 people and left 4000+ injured was a massive explosion in Lebanon’s capital Beirut. The explosion caused by the igniting of ammonium nitrate stored at a port’s warehouse in Beirut was 20% of what Hiroshima blast was. And that is some scary thing that happened in 2020.

6. Black Lives Matter Protests

Next of the list are worldwide protests against the racial killing of George Floyd who was killed by a white American. Millions of people across the world joined the protests against the racial society existing in various parts of the world seeing the protests as a chance to bring a change that the world needs.

Source – Time Out

7. Air India Express Plane Crash Kerala

The happiness of returning home for people boarded on an Air India Express flight flying from Dubai turned into a lifetime of misery after the aforementioned flight crashed plunging from a tabletop runway in Kerala. The plane-crash killed 20 people, including the pilots, and left 100+ injured.

Source – India TV News

8. Plight Of Migrants

The burden of an unplanned lockdown imposed on India was quite visible if you check the data of the number of people who died with no food or shelter or simply by walking to reach to the safety of their home during the lockdown. Among these, the majority of people were migrants who had ventured into the cities to make their life better. Who thought that the cities would make their life worst.

Source – The Print

9. Ukraine Jetliner Unintentionally Attacked

In a mishap, after the US killed the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Qassem Soleimani, Iran unintentionally shot down a Ukraine plane carrying civilians. The plane was misjudged for a missile by Iran’s Anti-air defense system, which launched a retaliatory ballistic missile killing 176 people on board.

Ukraine Jetliner Unintentionally Attacked
Source – NBC News

10. Taal Volcano Eruption

Though the Taal Volcano eruption gave us some beautiful pictures to behold, the eruption, in the Philippines, also led to the shut down of Manila’s international airport, offices, and schools and engulfed the sky with health-ruining smoke thus plaguing the normal life for weeks.

Source – Escape

11. Death of Kobe Bryant

On January 26, a plane crashed led to the death of GOAT NBA player Kobe Bryant. He was 41 years old and one of the most celebrated athletes in the world. The helicopter crash near Los Angeles also killed his 13-year-old daughter and seven others on board.

Source – Insider

12. Australian Bushfires

The Australian bushfires could be the worst nature made disaster that ruined the aesthetic of the country, burned an estimated 18.6 million hectares, destroyed over 5,900 buildings, and killed at least 34 people and 1000s of animals. 

Source – Vox

13. Demise Of Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput

2020 is a big blow to the Bollywood industry as it took away from us some of the most celebrated and world-famous artists. From Rishi Kapoor to Sushant Singh, no one would possibly be able to fill in the shoes of these stars.

Source –

14. Galwan Clash

Skirmishes on the east side of India’s border weren’t a well-known affair until China, owing to its world-opposed expansion policy, attacked Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh. The attack lead to the loss of 20 Indian soldiers and 40+ Chinese soldiers.

Source – Al Jazeera

15. China Notorious Hong Kong Law

China forced implementation of National Security Law, despite the agreement with Britain to not interfere in Hong Kong’s democratic land at least for a 50 years from 1997, leading to protests across Hong Kong. The protests were handled violently by China.

Source – NBC News

16. Oil Spill In Russia

The Norilsk diesel oil spill is an ongoing industrial disaster near Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. Emergency teams are trying to contain the oil, which has now travelled about 20km. The spill threatens the water security of Russia and marine life in the affected region.

Source – The Hindu

17. Pakistan Airline Crash

A Pakistan International Airlines flight crashed into houses in Karachi on May 22, killing 97 people. Miraculously, two passengers survived the crash. Post the incident, Pakistan has been accused of recruiting unqualified pilots to fly flights. Some countries have even banned Pakistan’s pilots.

Source – The Indian Express

18. Cyclone Amphan

Cyclone Amphan, that made a touchdown in Kolkata earlier this year, wreaked havoc at the same. With wind speeds reaching 185 kmph, the cyclone destroyed roads, flooded the streets and left people of Bengal with no electricity for at least a week. At least 72 people have died in India’s West Bengal state, and 12 deaths were confirmed in Bangladesh due to cyclone Amphan.

Source – Foreign Policy

19. Sinabung Volcano Eruption, Indonesia

In both an eerie and beautiful sight to behold, Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupted in August spewing a massive column of ash and smoke up to 5,000 meters into the sky. The volcano sent a thick layer of smoke into the air engulfing the sky and darkening the view on Sumatra island.

20. Hurricane Laura

The USA and its people recently experienced a massive hurricane that killed at least 14 people. The cyclone struck into the southern US states of Louisiana and Texas destroying property and human life.

 Hurricane Laura
Source – ABC News

21. Boseman Chadwick Death

Black Panther aka Boseman Chadwick died of cancer at the age of 43 in yet another worst thing that happened in 2020. Boseman had never made revelations about his cancer woes. He was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2016 and the disease progressed to stage 4. He died at home surrounded by his family.

Source – Twitter

Which of these you think is the worst incident of 2020?

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