Amazon Paid Employees To Tweet Good Things

Amazon Paid employees to tweet
Amazon Paid employees to tweet

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Did Amazon pay employees to tweet good things about them?

Amazon Paid employees to tweet. Amazon is the most popular e-commerce giant in the world, which has paid selected employees to tweet good things about the company. This was reported by the Financial Times on Thursday. In this article, we will discuss why and what happened clearly.

These employees are selected because of their sense of humour. They were working at the retailer’s warehouse and paid to share their positive thoughts about the company. Employees were told to respond in a very polite way so that the scene looks natural. They responded to a critic on Twitter and tried to be as natural as they can. By making sure the tweet looks completely blunt and impulsive the employees were told to tweet. Amazon Paid employees to tweet

Why did Amazon do this?

Well, there were some complaints about their workplace failing. Some customers were not so happy with Amazon’s services and this failed working was widely reported. This workplace failure was enough to criticize the company’s working standards. The reputation of a world-famous e-commerce giant was at stake. So, to wave off these criticisms, the company decided to take the help of employees to tweet.

What was the actual tweet?

Employees can’t be identified exactly but they were recognized all thanks to “Amazon FC Ambassador” on Twitter. Due to a Bellingcat investigation, it was reported that 53 active Twitter accounts were founded. Users of those accounts were creating a scenario of sharing the same pictures and similar language to create overlapping identities.

“I have worked at Amazon filling orders for two years now. Do you think if I was not being paid enough that I would still be here? Full (and generous) benefits package. OH! AND I like the people I work with! Yeah – I’m doing just fine partner!” This was tweeted by an employee as a reply to a critic.

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