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Ice Cream Made From ‘Insects’ Is The New Healthy. Would You Mind Trying?

You may have heard of Gulab Jamun Ki sabji, and if that wasn’t enough to make you go wth? Then here’s another treat that you may have to think twice before trying.

A startup called Gourmet Grubb based in Cape Town in South Africa has invented a “healthy ice cream” for all the big scoopers out there. Grubb has invented an ice cream, which is lactose and gluten-free and is actually nutrient-rich in itself.

Wondering how is that even possible? Well, science and some inserts have a role to play.

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The ice cream is actually made up of the milk extracted from insects. The milk is called EntoMilk and is made by blending larvae of the black soldier fly. And it may sound disgusting, but the company claims that it has an earthy taste and is five times nutrient-rich than regular ice cream.

Ice Cream Made From Insects

The EntoMilk made ice cream is being offered in various flavors including chocolate, peanut butter and Christmas spices.

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The founder of Gourmet Grubb, Leah Bessa said that against her expectation, people are actually trying the ice cream and are pretty open-minded towards the same.

Entomilk ice cream

She added that the ice cream is not only a healthy alternative but also more environmentally sustainable.

Now would you mind a scoop?

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