MIUI 13, What you have and What You are Missing?

After MIUI 12.5, MIUI 13 has been rolled out by the XIAOMI Corporation in India

Before going to a precise list of features, let me tell you briefly what MIUI is?

MIUI 13 is the Customized Android version layered over custom android. Basically, it’s the skin over the pure version of android which provides more cool features. This custom android ROM will let you access the most convenient and cool features of the phone. With such nice features, the gorgeous themes and high performance is also seen. Every mobile corporation has its own version of the android operating system. In the case of MIUI, it is developed by XIAOMI Corporation for their smartphones.

XIAOMI sells their smartphones under the brand name MI & POCO, or you must have also heard Redmi. Since the launch of XIAOMI’s MIUI in India, it has been modified several times. Now the new version MIUI 13 on 3rd Feb 2022 is launched by XIAOMI in stealth mode. It will be available on POCO, Remdi & Xiaomi Smartphones as an update. Some of the smartphones that will receive the 13th version are miui Note 9 Pro, MIUI Note 10 and the Note 11 series is already coming with MIUI 13.

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Take a look at the attractive core features that comes with MIUI 13

Liquid Storage

Liquid Storage is simply a word that denotes an advanced file management system in MIUI 13. Smartphone users generally wish for fast copying and moving speed to process large files. Thus, this feature provides a boost in the Read/write speed of the files. XIAOMI advertise that its storage performance only slows down by 5% after 36 months. On the other hand, the Read/write speed of other brands slows down by 50%. Further, the MIUI boosts the efficiency of the defragmentation process by 60%, according to the Official website of XIAOMI.

Atomized Memory

Atomized Memory

Now with the new version of mod android, RAM used by different applications is analyzed deeply. Every minute detail of memory use is analyzed by the memory optimizer. This improves the efficiency of memory distribution among all the apps. This eliminates every unnecessary background usage. According to XIAOMI’s lab results, they are advertising that they achieve a 40% increase in background process efficiency.

Algorithm For Fast Processing

Algorithm For Fast Processing in MIUI 13

In their new algorithm update, XIAOMI is focused on higher CPU performance. It diverts all the efforts towards the active essential processes for lightning-fast speed.

“dynamically allocates system resources based on usage scenarios, making the system more fluid and responsive. Without Focused Algorithms, smartphone processors distribute resources across all of your apps relatively equally.”

Smart Balance

Smart Balance in MIUI 13

Smart Balance is a simple but effective feature that decreases the power consumption by 10 per cent as per XIAOMI. Again it works by analyzing the usage pattern of mobile and acting accordingly. Intelligent distribution of power improves the battery backup efficiency. Directly we can say that MIUI 13 users will get longer lasting battery backup.


Privacy in MIUI 13

Privacy features are more advanced in MIUI 13. Users can create a custom watermark for their photos and videos, this will help them to prevent unauthorized copying of their documents.

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