Pornhub Is Pausing Videos Watched By Men To Remind Them Of Female Orgasm Gap. What’s That?

The world celebrates Female Orgasm Day on August 8. Didn’t know about it? Well, go on to read further and trust me you will bump into things you thought you knew but actually you don’t.

The Female Orgasm Day aims to highlight the importance of having the Big O for any woman. And while you might think that female orgasm is as simple as men masturbating, then it’s not. There have been talks about how women don’t experience orgasms as they deserve and that thing concerns Porhub the most. Obivo.

Source – Insider

So, leading from the front, Pornhub celebrated “Female Orgasm Day” with a new campaign that aims at highlighting the orgasm gap.

What is Orgasm Gap?

Orgasm gap is simply the number of times men have orgasms during intercourse as opposed to the number of times women experience the same.

Source – Psych Central

As per data collected by Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2016, straight men in the United States have orgasms about 95 percent of the time while women percent stands somewhere at 65 percent.

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The mind further boggles when you learn India’s facts. In India, as per a survey by Durex in 2019, nearly 70 percent of Indian women never had orgasms. Yep!! you might not be doing it right.

Prohub interestingly thought of bringing up this issue to highlight the orgasm gap with a new campaign. Pornhub will be pausing videos most viewed by straight men on the site at about the 40 percent time stamp to highlight how 40 percent of straight women do not have an orgasm while having sex with their male partners.

Hey, Wait!!

Nevertheless, if you made it till here wondering what you need to do to help her get the big O, then Pornhub’s CEO has some advice for you.

Source – Shape Magazine

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Corey Price highlights the “importance of clitoral stimulation and foreplay for women to reach The Big O,” which, for sure, many men don’t bother about.

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