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Your Favorite Rajma (Kidney Beans) Can Make You Seriously Ill If You Make This Mistake

Are you fond of Rajma chawal? Most people love this dish.

It is one of the most common and loved dishes in India. Though, it is equally popular in other countries. All that differs is their cooking style. But if you don’t know how to cook them in a proper manner, you might fall seriously ill.

Rajma is healthy only when cooked properly

Raw or half-cooked Rajma is poisonous

Rajma- chawal is loved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It is an excellent source of protein that helps build muscles. Also, it boosts digestive health as it has fiber. Kidney beans also have essential nutrients such as- iron, manganese, copper.

Additionally, it maintains the blood sugar levels, keeps colon cancer away. Having said that, it can be equally dangerous if consumed in the wrong manner which it- in its raw-half cooked stage.

Raw or half-cooked Rajma is poisonous

Raw or half-cooked Rajma is poisonous

You might think that trying that rajma-chawal from the roadside stall is a good idea. But it is quite possible that the vendor did not put any efforts in soaking or boiling the kidney beans long enough.

As a result, you end up eating half cooked rajma chawal. You may think it isn’t a big deal but this could cost you your health. You might end up upsetting your stomach and vomiting.

It usually leads to dehydration and gastric infections. The reason behing this is the presence of chemicals in raw or half-cooked kidney beans.

Why is Rajma toxic?

Raw or half-cooked Rajma is poisonous

Raw or half-cooked Rajma is poisonous as it contains toxins. Simply put, it is poisonous in this state. It is because a chemical called phytohaemagglutinin is present in all beans. Though, the amount is considerably low. But rajma is consumed in a large quantity that increases the amount of chemical altogether.

A bowl of dry kidney beans has around 37,000 to 53,000 units of chemical per grams. Here, the chemicals are present in high quantity, hence acts as a toxin. Your stomach gets upset and you end up falling sick with food -poisoning. So, avoid eating rajma in raw or half-cooked state at any cost.

How should you eat Rajma?

Raw or half-cooked Rajma is poisonous

Clearly, it doesn’t mean you should stop eating your favorite Rajma-chawal. All you need to do is make sure they are soaked and cooked properly.

It usually requires 18- 20 hours for the kidney beans to soak water to the fullest. While doing so, the amount of toxins gets reduced by 22 to 66 percent. So, the longer you allow them to soak, the lesser will be the toxic presence.

The next is cooking them properly. Cook red beans until they can be easily squashed with your finger. This will ensure that the harmful protein present in it is removed. Only then, consume rajma or red kidney beans

In Conclusion:

The next time you munch on Rajma-chawal, just make sure that it’s properly cooked. I am sure you don’t want to puke your guts out after a spicy rajma course and end up burning your nostril.

Eat healthily and learn about the right cooking method before consuming a dish. 

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