Reasons Why Every Desi Wants To Visit Santorini Island Once In Their Lifetime

Just the looks of it can leave one craving a trip to Santorini island. And that’s that. Tucked somewhere in the Aegean sea, Santorini is a Greece island known for its photogenic blue dome churches, wine, couple pictures and a myriad of colorful beaches that you would invariably want more of.

And although we are aware you are not inspired to travel enough with COVID lurking behind you, yet here are some facts and pictures, of course, that would inspire you to take a trip to Santorini sometime in the future.

Besides beaches, Santorini is known for its spectacular locations where you can sit by a watch the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand. The most famous spot to watch the sunset in Santorini is Oia Castle, which surely you must have seen in many pictures.

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Another good place to watch the sunset from is Imerovigli. It is less crowded and offers a romantic setting and is a great spot to take some lovable cruel pictures.

Also, boat tours in Santorini are a must-do or you would regret later. And living with regret is no way to live. The boat tour allows you a glimpse of a famous volcano around and you can also swim in the Aegean Sea or the hot spring.

Oia is one of the most popular places to be in Santorini. Besides sunset, it offers you a chance to shop, enjoy at cafes and take tons and tons of pictures.


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Like Oia, Imerovigli is also a small village with views of endless sea and the best hotels and restaurants in Santorini. And close by, you will find Santorini’s famous red, black and white beaches too.

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Next, if seeking a good 360-degree view of Santorini, hoop on to the highest point of the island which is Profit Ilias.

Also, though your ‘naan’ craving buds will seek spicy chicken, but Santorini will make up for that craving of you. The food on the island is exceptional meeting the demand of whatever nationality you seek.

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We hope we have lured you enough!!

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