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Severe Economic Crisis In Sri Lanka, Food Prices Become Unendurable

Nourishment Becomes Extremely Expensive In Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka is battling an unprecedented economic crisis, nutrition has reached unendurable prices. In this Island Nation, the price of rice has become extremely expensive for a common man to bear, as reported by many consumers. In the general market, ₹200-240 per kilo is the new price of rice with minimum quality, as per the Colombo page.

Nourishment Becomes Extremely Expensive In Sri Lanka
Nourishment Becomes Extremely Expensive In Sri Lanka

Severe conditions in Sri Lanka have forced it to ban the imports of many essential commodities. This decision also includes food items that result in the surged prices of many edibles such as rice and milk powder.

Ministry Of Trade

Rice in Sri Lanka is being sold at discounted prices as per the verdicts of the Ministry of Trade, in which the network of wholesale “Lanka Sathosa outlets” is helping. As per the Colombo Page, the imported rice quantity is not able to meet the demands.

Further informed by many that Sathosa Outlets are not able to meet the demands of essential customer edibles in distinct parts of the Nation including dried chillies, rice, etc. As a result, now consumers are requiring the Government to take appropriate steps and allow the import of rice.

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Battle Of Sri Lanka And ITs Economic Conditions

Battle Of Sri Lanka And ITs Economic Conditions

Sri Lanka is currently fighting its biggest economic war that is affecting its citizens adversely. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, this Nation continued facing a free fall in its economic conditions and the tourism sector crashed severely.

The country is incapable of importing essentials like food and fuel while facing long power cuts. These problems are the result of foreign exchange shortage as the Sri Lankan currency has deflated severely.

Suffering has forced citizens of the country to protest against the Government over the worst economic crisis in the decades. On Saturday in Colombo people protested against the Sri Lankan government outside the US Embassy.

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