Dhanteras 2022: The Story Behind Buying So Much Gold

The first day of Diwali is celebrated as Dhanteras, which falls on the thirteenth day of the lunar cycle in Hindu Month of Krishna Paksha.

This year, Dhanteras is supposed to be on 22 October 2022, Saturday and people like to celebrate this day by buying shiny items like utensils, gold and silver.

There is a reason that people buy the mentioned items and you should read this article to learn the history behind it.

History of Dhanteras

The significance of this day dates back to ancient times when there was a mighty King Hima. He ruled his kingdom peacefully and with fairness like he would take care of his family. 

To inherit this legacy, the King had a son who could also serve his kingdom with the same love and warmth as his father. However, his horoscope had some other plans. The saints of his kingdom predicted that the son would die on the thirteenth night of the lunar cycle in Krishna Paksha in his sixteenth year due to a serpent.

The worried king looked for ways to save his son like a thirsty man looking for water in the vast desert. During this search, an astrologer suggested that he should get his son married to a particular girl with a ‘lucky horoscope’.

The couple lived happily ever after until the son turned 16 and the worrisome came back to the Royal family. On the night of the predicted death, his wife lit multiple diyas in the entire house and spread her ornaments around them. This illuminated the entire house, especially the main entrances to the palace and their room.

When Yamraj came in the form of a snake to the house, he got blinded by the entire setup done by the wife. While he was waiting to take the son’s life, his wife sang songs in their room. The songs were so melodious that Yamraj also started enjoying it and forgot why he came here.

When the time of his death passed away, Yamraj had to go back without taking the life of the son and the Royal Family lived happily ever after.


So, this is the reason people light diyas on the entrance of their houses on Dhanteras and buy shiny items like utensils, gold and silver. It is also related to Goddess Lakshmi and how families like to welcome her home. You can read this article to learn more about the significance of Goddess Lakshmi on Dhanteras.

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