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This Restaurant Charges ₹ 27 For Every ‘Stupid Question’ You Ask

Some people tend to think of themselves as a chef and would ask unnecessary questions to the restaurant staff.

And a restaurant in Denver having had enough of the same; decided to come up with a brilliant plan to dodge away from such questions.

Denver stupid question restaurant.

A restaurant named Toms Diner in Denver charges Rs. 27 to anyone who asks a ‘stupid question’ while dining. A user on Reddit shared a picture of the receipt produced by the restaurant that has a ‘Stupid Question’ charge.

Denver stupid question restaurant.

The weird ‘Stupid Question’ charge exists in the restaurant since 1999 and some people, have also been charged for the same.

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Endearingly, people don’t complain about the charge and instead try to think some really stupid question they can ask. For example, one customer had asked, “Does the ice have any water in it?”

Denver stupid question restaurant.

However, Landry, the nephew of Tom Messina says that his uncle had added the fee to add good humour to menu 20 years ago and have instructed employees to not charge people who ask a stupid question

“The item in the menu is meant to be playful. It’s good to keep things light in today’s world. When we have a good fun table that engages with us or when they ask about the charge, it’s always fun to add it on,” Landry said.

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Landry says while some people over the years have protested against the same, most of the people understand that it’s meant to be playful.

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The restaurant has also updated its healthy options menu and it’s as humours as the above instance.

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