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This Robot Can Make ‘Omelettes’ For You

Well, what if your morning breakfast gets sorted by a robot? You would say Nah, robots are advanced these days but not that much right. Cambridge University researchers have made this thing possible. They have developed a robot that can even cook your ‘Omelettes’.


To be exact it is a robotic arm and not a complete robot. The researchers of the university have trained a robotic arm to make omelettes. The arm can perform all the range of functions to cook the omelette. From cracking the eggs to plating the finished dish the robotic arm does it all.

A video is released by the University’s official YouTube page which shows the working of the arm. The researchers have used machine learning data from a study of volunteers and their reaction to different omelettes cooked in various ways to train the robot.

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About the omelette that the robotic arm cooked one of the researchers, Fumiya Iida said, “in general, tasted great and much better than expected.” So, in future you we can say that you don’t have to be dependent on someone to cook you an omelette. Your robotic arm would be at your service.

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