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Watch Video, Frustrated Man Burns His Ola Electric Scooter

Burning Incident Of Ola Electric Scooter

Burning Incident Of Ola Electric Scooter

Since the last few months, people are getting worried about their safety, as multiple shocking incidents of an Ola electric scooter breaking down and catching fire have been seen. This is making a bad impression on the market for e-bikes. And now another surprising incident has taken place.

A man got frustrated by his Ola Electric Scooter as it was showing multiple issues constantly since the day of purchase. And what happened next is totally out of frustration of not getting any type of health from customer care, as frustration means anger and anger means destruction. He set his e-scooter Ola S1 Pro on fire by pouring petrol on it after it broke down in the middle of the road.

Belonging to Ambur in Tamil Nadu, Prithviraj Gopinathan asserted that his ola electric scooter used to run out of charge randomly in the middle of the trip. The man also posted the complaint he sent to customer care on Twitter.

He said, “This is the fourth time I am complaining. There was a 20% charge, but suddenly it got down to 0%. Tried to call your stupid, idiotic, useless customer care. No answer.”

“It’s better if you change customer care to social media cuz you only reply on social media when I tweet tagging Mr. Aggrawal.”

Here is the shared pic of his e-bike which was set on fire.

And here is the video of him getting his e-bike on fire.

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Man Speaks To Media

Talking to Times of India, the man said he was frustrated by facing constant issues with his e-bike since the day it got delivered in January this year. The situation got intolerable when he was returning to Ambur from Gudiyatham RTO because the company paid the registration fee there instead of in his hometown. His Ola Electric Scooter ran out of battery in the middle of the road at noon without any reason.

Prithviraj called customer care but their response was not so convenient, and at that moment he lost it and told the assistant to get 2 liters of petrol to set his bike on fire.

He claimed, “A few minutes after I shared the video, a service engineer called me and requested me not to give any interviews to the media and promised to replace the e-bike. I bluntly told them my relationship with their company was over as soon as I burnt the bike”

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