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15 Fun To Play Drinking Games To Jazz Up Your Next Party

Just in case you need another reason to sip some alcohol, why not do it the fun way? The Drinking games way. Here are 15 drinking games that will, obviously, get you drunk.

1. Most likely


This game will be a test of your alcohol-chucking capacity. To play, everyone sits making a human circle and turn by turn asks the “most likely” question. For example “Who is most likely to sleep in the office?” On the count of three, everyone points at the person who, they think, fits the description. You have to drink for every finger pointing at you. So if 1 person, then 1 shot. If 10, then 10 shots.

2. Never Have I Ever


Getting those Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani vibes? Well, that’s that. Never have I ever is a simple game wherein each player shares something he/she has never done and the people who have; will take a sip of their drink. For example, when I say, never have I ever grabbed a wrong person’s hand, every other person who has will take a sip of their drink. Think of some really notorious questions to get some really fun confessions.

3. Friends And Enemies


Friends and enemies is a drinking game with cards wherein you inadvertently decide how much a person gets drunk. To play, a deck of cards is shuffled and distributed evenly among the players. Ensure you keep your cards hidden. Who so ever decides to go first plays a card (example: 5 of spades) and calls in the name of a person from the ones playing the game. The chosen person will drink for as many seconds as the number of the card.

Twist incoming! However, if someone else in the group has a card with the same number (example: 5 of clubs), they can choose to save the chosen person and pass the task to someone else. The colours are irrelevant here.

4. Straight Face


Straight face is an insanely fun drinking game. To play, players are supposed to write a couple of sentences on the cards. The sentences you write must be hilarious and literally something out of the world. Turn by turn, each player draw a card and read out the sentence loud while keeping a straight face. If they fail, they have to take a shot.

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5. Pennies


Pennies is a simple drinking game for parties craving a boost. All you need to do is try to bounce a coin off the table into a shot glass. Simple enough, ain’t it? Every time you miss, you take a shot. The more you miss the more you get drunk and then more you miss. Phewww!!

6. Drunk Jenga


Drunk Jenga is an updated and more fun version of normal Jenga. All the Jenga blocks have dares written on them. The challenge is to draw a block from the set pile of blocks and place it on the top of the pile ensuring the pile doesn’t fall. If the stack falls, you need to drink and also pick up two blocks and complete challenges.

7. Beer Pong


Beer pong is a merry drinking game for couples. To play, you need 20 plastic cups, 10 for either side. You will need to set up two formations (10 cups each) on either side of the table in a way that it forms a triangle. Fill each cup with beer. Now take 20 cards and scribble dares on them. Place the cards under the cups (one each).

Each player stands on either side of the table and tries to toss the ping ball into the cup. If the ball lands inside the cup, the other person has to drink the beer and also complete the dare mentioned on the card under the cup.

8. Cup Flip


Yet another easy peasy but entertaining game. You can play the game individually or in a team of two. Both the players stand across each other with their cups – with drinks – lined at the edge of the table. On hearing the conch shell, the player is supposed to first finish the drink and then flip the cup using their fingers to the upside-down position before focusing their attention on the remaining cups. The first person to complete this wins.

9. Your Last Drink


Your last drink can literally make you hate drinks and we are not kidding. Each player playing pours in some of his drink into a glass to make a bizarre drink. Then each player, turn by turn, flip a coin and call it. If you guess wrong, you need to take a sip of the odd drink. No doubt why the game is named your last drink. You can enjoy this game while playing in one of the top Norwegian online casinos. This will be a great experience.

10. I Am Going To The Bar


A person starts the game saying a phrase, for example, I am going to the bar to get a beer. After that, other players playing takes the name of other drinks turn by turn. Here’s an example: “I am going to the bar and I need to get a mojito, a tequila shot, a gin and a hot toddy.” You keep going and going until someone messes up and when they do, they take a shot.

11. Spin The Bottle


Spin the bottle is all you need to add life to a boring party. Basically, you need to spin the bottle and you have to look whoever it lands on straight dead serious in the eyes and say the weirdest or dirtiest thing you can think off. Whoever laughs drinks.

12. Medusa


Each player sits around a table occupied with shot glasses. Players begin the game with their heads down on the table. One of the players counts up to three and everyone instantly looks up and stares at another player. If you find yourself looking at someone who is not looking at you, you are safe. If you find yourself looking someone directly into the eyes you say “Medusa!” and take a shot.

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13. Attached At The Hip


This game will not only bring you but also your body parts close to the other person. To begin, write the names of various body parts on chits and shuffle them. Divide the teams into pairs of two. Each team draws two slip and has to attach the mentioned body part to their partner’s body part for as long as they can. Every time someone separates, they have to take a shot.

14. Where’s Is The Water


If you can handle your tequila then this game for you. To play, you fill some glasses with vodka and others with water. Each player then takes turns to drink a shot, and say ‘mmm, water!’ or ‘Ehh, vodka!’ trying to bluff. You need to figure out if they are lying or telling the truth. If you guess right, they drink another but if you are wrong, then it is your turn to take a shot.

15. King Cup


King Game or King cup is a game you play with a large number of friends. The game uses playing cards wherein each card has a mini-game scribbled that is predetermined before the game starts. you draw a card and complete the task mentioned. The tasks mostly revolve around drinking.

To Conclude

Come on you have already decided what drinking game you would be playing next and you ain’t waiting for us to conclude. So yeah!! all the best.

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