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5 Cities To Visit For Astonishing Nightlife In India

Have you ever wondered about having an amazing nightlife experience?

India is especially known for its colorful festivals, ancient history, and physical diversity. Indians are hard-working, persistent, and born spiritualists. In this workaholic country, there is also a fun side which is called nightlife. Daytime is very exhausting for every Indian to work hard and earn money. After a long busy day as the working hours get over they want to live a glamorous life at night. With the rise of the urban population, the number of Pubs, Bars, and Nightclubs has increased. This leads to a new lifestyle at night where everybody just goes crazy. Dancing, having fun, getting drunk, and living their life to the fullest are the only goals they pursue at night. Especially in some cities of India, you will see amazing nightlife which you want to experience at least once in a life.

Check out our list of top 5 cities in India to experience lovely nights


GOA nights

Goa is on the top of the list. We know that Goa is not a city, but as the day ends and the sun sets, this place shouts out the word ‘ Party ‘ loudly. You will feel the energy of people when Goa becomes alive at night. A variety of cheap alcoholic drinks, beverages, discos, nightclubs, and beaches will make you feel amazing every second you stay in this city. Even if you don’t like to party, trust me and just go and feel the experience of nightlife in Goa at least once. Some of the most famous places to visit in this city are:

  • Shiva Valley
  • Chronicle
  • 9 Bar
  • Curlies
  • Hilltop
  • Soro


Mumbai Lives

Mumbai, some say it’s the city of dreams and everyone knows that this city never sleeps. In this city, you will feel a sparkling & exceptional experience of nightlife. Cheerful clubs, spectacular party places, and exotic restaurants will make your day. Some of the most splendid places to feel the awesomeness of nightlife in this city are:

  • Bombay Cocktail Bar
  • The Bar Terminal
  • Glocal Junction
  • R-Adda
  • Drop

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Delhi Nightlife

Delhi, the Capital city has many places to go around to feel the awesomeness of nightlife. This city offers a variety of places to go to have fun experiences for every mood, taste, and at every price. There are a variety of parties and fun places available for you to visit in Delhi. This city offers the most electrifying places to enjoy nightlife adventures. Some of the exciting places in Delhi to explore are:

  • The Blue Bar
  • Hauz Khas
  • Keya
  • Hybrid
  • Underdoggs


Bengaluru Nightlife

Bengaluru is the IT hub of India. This city will give you the experience of throbbing nightlife. Bengaluru is the most alive metropolitan city of our country offers the young minds to come far away from home and earn. As the day comes to an end these youngsters end up in a variety of vibrant pubs, bars, and nightclubs. Here are some of the most wanted places to go in Bengaluru to experience nightlife are:

  • High Ultra Lounge
  • Sugar Factory
  • Xu
  • The Humming Tree
  • The 13th Floor


Pune Nightlife

Pune is especially known for the mass variety of pubs, bars, lounges, and nightclubs. This city comes among the lists of places where these vibrant pubs get to shut down at 4 am every morning. Every person who wants to stretch their legs after a long working day can visit these places to have an exciting nightlife. Pune is specially called the city for couples, nighthawks, and besties. Here are some of the best places to visit in Pune.

  • High Spirits
  • Swig
  • Area 51
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Apache High Street

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