Introducing Virgin-Pills That Makes Women Fake-Blood On Wedding Night. Wait, What?

Just like there’s a thin line that separates good from bad, we actually need to draw a line when it comes to being creative. For these so-called “researchers and inventors” are getting too creative and notorious with their inventions. 

Don’t believe us? You will!! 

After introducing women with skin-whiting creams and breast wrinkle-fighting pillows, now on the list, we have capsules that would make you fake-blood on your wedding night. Told you, these researchers ain’t loyal.

The product named “I-Virgin Blood for the First Night” is being sold on Amazon and does exactly what the name suggests. The capsule, once and for all summaries that a woman’s virginity is the most-talked, yet not talked concept in marriage.

I virgin fake blood

Although I don’t want to explain how the really un-needed invention works, nevertheless, I love this job.

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So, Amazon explains that the product, which is some kind of “blood powder” capsule needs to be placed inside the vagina before sexual intercourse. Post you have placed the same into the spot (Idk why anyone would), the same will dissolve and post-penetration will discharge liquid that resembles blood.

Besides Amazon, Virgin Care has also been selling the fake blood capsules on their website. And they might be talking good-good about their product, however, doesn’t specify the chances of women catching vaginal infection post the usage of the same.

Also, the introduction of such products underlines that people still believe that a hymen can only be torn if women indulge in sexual intercourse, which is not the case. 

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It is a well-researched fact that hymen can get damaged due to physical activities like sports and mere sex doesn’t have to be the reason for the loss.

This certainly isn’t the first time such a weird product has made a headline. A few days ago, a product called “cleavage wrinkle-fighting pillow” went viral.

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Remember the same? Well, click the link if you don’t. 

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