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10 Famous Historical Figures And Their Dark Truth

Practice makes a man perfect, but today I can assure you that nobody is perfect, not even the historical figures you feel so inspired from.

From what we know about these famous historical figures like Mother Teressa does seem very humble. Getting up-close and you’ll find a different scene.

Here are the 10 dark truth of most historical figures.

1. Isaac Newton

Dark truth

We know him for calculus, his laws of motion and other numerous contribution to modern physics. He was an English physicist and a mathematician.

What you don’t know is that he was also an alchemist who believed that he can create a Philosopher’s Stone. He believed in the concept of the miraculous stone that can turn any metal into gold.

2. Nelson Mandela

Dark Truth

First elected black President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was a politician, philanthropist and revolutionary.

He was also the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, the terrorist wind of the South African Communist Party. When Mandela was sent to the trails, he was found guilty of 156 acts of public violence that include setting bombs in public places.

3. Mother Teresa

 Dark Truth

She is the most humble person you could have ever think off. She set out to combat poverty and health issues in Africa, including HIV and AIDS.

Though, her disapproval of contraception was likely pernicious to depreciate the epidemic. If she wanted she could have built the largest research hospital in the world, as she has got enough wealth. Instead, she let her patients live in misery by calling it the god’s will.

4. Albert Einstein

Dark Truth

He was a German-born theoretical physicist, everyone knows about him and his contribution towards the development of Science. But do you know this?

His first wife, Mileva Maric was also a physicist just like him, year before they get married, Mileva gave birth to a beautiful daughter, while Einstien was away. By the time he came back, Lieserl (their first born) was adopted and Einstein never gets the chance to see his kid.

5. Martin Luther King

Dark Truth

He was an American pastor, an activist, humanitarian, furthermore, he received a PhD from Boston University in Systematic Theology.

Though later found out that the parts of his papers were copied from someone else’s published work. He was accused of adultery and affairs that you might think are just the rumours spread by the media. But his biographer, Ralph Abernathy, suggest all those accusations are likely true.

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6. Aristotle

Dark Truth

Best known as a Greek Philosopher, Aristotle was one of the most influential thinkers and still regarded as one.

Though, he didn’t like to think from a women’s perspective. One of his writings proved he was staunchly misogynistic. As according to one of his writing “a woman is perhaps an inferior being, as it were a deformity.”

7. Franklin Roosevelt

Dark Truth

32nd President of US, Roosevelt was also an American statesman. Throughout his presidency, Roosevelt was pretty loyal to his nation.

But he was unable to do the same for his wife. According to several sources, when he died, his mistress was by her side on the bed. Though, his wife, Eleanor didn’t believe there was something of that sort, during the final moments of Roosevelt’s life.

8. Mahatma Gandhi

Dark Truth

Father of Nation, he is considered as the top 10 most peaceful men of all time. Every Indian knows about him, as it’s his photo what we carry with us all the time, in form of our Indian currency.

But what most Indians don’t know, is that Gandhi was a sex addict. According to his biographer Had Adams, Gandhi took an official vow of chastity at the age of 38. But regularly try to test his will by sleeping with naked women of younger age. Sometimes, more than one young women.

9. Christopher Columbus

Dark Truth

He was the greatest explorer of all times, Columbus was the one who colonized the Spanish of the new world.

Though with his aggressive imperialism, locals became victims of forced slavery and prostitution. He used Taino (native American tribe) as the toy for his men’s to rape and have fun. He and his men’s forced girls as young as 9 years old into slavery and prostitution.

10 Winston Churchill

Dark Truth

British politician who became the Prime Minister of UK, twice. We know him for his efforts in fighting the Nazis during World War II

Though later found out he was the extreme-racist, he openly admitted that he hates Indians and their religions. That’s why he approved the use of poison gas against the Kurds.

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In Conclusion

These historical figures certainly helped to shape our world, but now you know that in this real world there is no-one perfect, these are the dark truth, of some of the best known historical figures in the history.

Our minds are manipulated by media and we believe what media has told us, we only know the half story.

This world ain’t just rainbow and sunshine.

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