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4 Main Reasons To Tell You Why We Love Music

Do you ever find yourself lost in music, feeling goosebumps while your body is moving to the rhythms of the beats? Have you ever wonder why we love music so much?

Every time we hear our favorite music, our body feels different. We feel emotional and powerful at the same time. Sometimes it gives us motivation and sometimes it just helps us to go through the blue moods, when we feel sad about everything.

Music plays an important role to keep us all sane. We all like music but here are the four reasons describing why we love music so much-

1. Rhythm

Why we love music

Human life is based on rhythms, there are even isolated rhythms inside our brain that matches the rhythms of the music that we like. These rhythms are one of the main reason why some people like a certain kind of music that you might never like to hear.

And now, you know why you hate rock and metal.

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2. Harmony

Why we love music

In simple terms perfect balance of different type of sounds is what known as harmony. A musician uses different frequency of sounds and pitches to make music. But to make a good music they have to balance all the different sounds that they have used.

And just like any other balanced thing, our bain loves balanced harmony.

3. Melody

Why we love music

We all love music but what about the lyrics, those voice notes, of course, we love them. Well, these are called melody, the hmm sound that you play inside your head when you are trying to remember about that one song you heard last night.

Melodies are the first sound that we humans makes and hears. It helps us to get a better perspective of music and helps us to get emotionally connected to love that music.

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4. Human Brain itself

Why we love music

Music is your drug, that’s not just a phrase because it actually works the same way a drug would do. Listening to music releases the same hormone in our brain that a drug would release, dopamine. When we listen to our favorite music, our brain release this chemical compound called Dopamine.

This compound pleases our body and brain by stimulating the same feeling that we get after eating some good food or after having.

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In Conclusion:

So, the next time you are laying on your back in bed and listening to all those beats. You’ll know why you are feeling so good, so pumped-up. You’ll know why you get those emotional turmoils inside your body, everytime you listen to your favorite artist.

But one thing is common, we all love music. It’s just the genre that differs.

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