Facebook, Instagram, And LinkedIn Share 50% User Data With Third Party: Study

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have always been in talks for sharing user’s data with the third party. This time, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the lists sharing user’s data to 3rd parties.

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The research conducted by pCloud (the latest Apple privacy labels) examined that user’s data used to advertisements owned by the third party, trace users, marketing strategies of the developers and advertising. Moreover, Instagram is one of the social media apps that share user’s data the most.

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Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn Apps Sharing Customer’s Data

As per the above three factors, it is examined that Instagram exchanges about 79% of its user’s data to third parties. It includes all the private information such as location, contact information, transactions, user materials, daily sales, data usage, search history, and financial details. Therefore, it might be a serious cause for Instagram users.

Facebook holds 2nd place after Instagram in data sharing. In recent years, Facebook has always been on the lists of leaking users’ data. The latest Apply privacy labels conducted by pCloud says that Facebook shares 57% of the information to other parties which include your private information.

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After this, LinkedIn joins the table along with Uber eats as per the PCloud study. As per the study, both apps share 50% of user’s data individually. In addition to these, few apps don’t even share single information, for example; just Eat, Grubhub, and My McDonald’s.

pCloud digital marketing manager Ivan Dimitrov, says that “few information is important for these apps to share with third-party companies to support them in providing their services. Also, certain apps share customer’s information and data for their benefit.”

Highly-used social media apps like Facebook and Instagram keep on collecting data from users instead of concentrating the privacy policies. Therefore, users must keep a keen eye on the data they provide to such apps.

Here are the few data are taken from pCloud:

Source: pCloud
Source: pCloud

Source: pCloud

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