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Gmail Tricks To Gain Unlimited Gmail Addresses And Determine Nefarious Email

Here, you will know the Gmail tricks that make it possible for you to get unlimited Gmail addresses. Also, it helps in determining if any sort of outrageous has been sent to you. We have used the term “hack” to preface this, as in “life hack.” Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the Gmail hack. But, we do have a great hack/trick that you can use to get unlimited Gmail addresses.

Source: Email Overload Solutions

We all use Gmail as a primary tool to communicate with clients and that’s our work email. Sometimes, there might be a situation when I would rather not use my personal address. Fortunately, Gmail comes with amazing features that you might not be aware of. A feature that makes it possible for you to increase the number of actual Gmail addresses you can use.

Let’s dig deeper!

What do You need?

The only single thing you need is a working Gmail address. That’s all. No third party service or tool is required, apart from your email.

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Let’s Start Gaining More Email Addresses With Gmail

Suppose you use an email address under the name of “” and you want to sign up for Viral Bake newsletters. But you do not want to use your real Gmail address, then you could sign up as:


The email that you have used to sign up for the newsletter will still reflect in the inbox for, only it will be sent from the TechRepublic newsletter engine to

Source: G Suite Tips

Wondering, why don’t then I give my regular Gmail address? Read This!

This feature comes with a little bit of safety. You have already signed up for the Viral Bake mailing list and someday, you receive an email that is decidedly not from Viral Bake, but it has come to your inbox, It means, the email is an attempted phishing attack, and now you can easily avoid it. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the sending service to let them know what’s going on.

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This hack is quite handy to keep mailing lists and other such platforms in check, but this little hack might not work in keeping mailing lists in check. For instance, if you want to sign up for service registration, then you could use email, like:


The crucial thing to notice here is the “+” sign. Make sure that “your name” is always first. Note that you may use more than one “+” sigh, like:


Any email sent to the above address will still go to

This is all to get unlimited email addresses. So, what are you waiting for? Just give it a try and see if it makes your Gmail a bit safer.

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