16 Reasons Why Indra Dev Is The Hindu Version Of Loki

Remember Loki, the biggest pain in the ass for everyone throughout the Marvel series? And by everyone we mean everyone. He is capable of pissing off humans, Asgardians, animals, birds, trees, and even the monsters alike.

Thankfully, Loki hails from the Norse mythology and has no connection with Hinduism or Indians whatsoever.

But, hey, it’s a small world, isn’t it?

Even though we don’t have ‘ The God of Mischief’ in our mythology, we certainly have a God with the same caliber to piss everyone off in Heaven, Hell and on Earth.

We Indians have our very own versions of everything. Don’t we? And yes, we do have our Loki as well. The God of Rain or ‘Lord Indra’ as we know him has some striking similarities with Loki. How come?

Here are 14 reasons that’ll prove that Indra is our very own Loki:


loki indra similarities

Both Loki and Indra rank so damn high in terms of the social status but don’t give a shit about it. Indra is the ever-powerful god of thunder, rain, and lighting, almost as powerful as Zeus himself. Loki, on the other hand, is the son of Odin and holds a full-on royal status in Asgard. Both of them just love acting like true-born jerks whenever they can and usually forget about their God status every now and then.


loki indra similarities

These both hyper-active souls don’t believe in taking small steps and maintaining composure when required. They love to lash out, destroy things and wreak havoc when angry. Also, the dictionary they purchased did not have the words ‘cool and calm’ in it. So, possessing those qualities is impossible.


loki indra similarities

Indra possesses thunderbolt – the most powerful weapon of all times. Demons and monsters shit in their pants when encountering the wrath. Additionally, he also has a bow, a sword, a net, a noose, a hook, and a conch and to top it all, the eagerness with which he uses them all. His Asgardian counterpart, our boy ‘Loki ‘ has the scepter which he uses to brain-wash anyone and make him/her his slave. As deadly as they could get.


loki indra similarities

Loki and Indra’s morning usually begins by scanning the area and picking out the spots they can show up and cause trouble. If they don’t find such a place, they have anxiety attacks. Sometimes, they even end up having loose motions with the uneasiness of not being able to stir chaos. Quite often, they take their frustration out by fighting with the chemist over the dysentery medication.


loki indra similarities

When it comes to a party, both gods can serve as legends. Indra, as everyone knows is widely famous and fond of the exotic dancers that he has in his court and the best DJ in the town. Loki might not possess pretty dancers at his court but man: when he parties he creates mayhem with his music. If you have seen Thor: Ragnarok, you know how he uses his partying skills to save his ass from the psycho Grand-master of the planet ‘Sakaar’.


loki indra similarities

Whenever these guys try to do something groundbreaking or downright crazy, they end up with some of the historical fails the universe has seen. Be it Loki, declaring war with the help of wrong species that later backstabs him, or Indra, trying to flirt with the wrong lady. Both have ended up with some epic fiascos time and again.


loki indra similarities

As carefree and laid back as they are, they love to piss others off. Loki has always stood up to his title of the “God of mischief”. Indra isn’t too far behind. He more than often gets easily threatened by the powers some humans acquire by meditation and austerity and he would bring his ass down from heaven to piss kings, and yogis, so they won’t succeed. He remains worried, they might become very powerful, take over the heaven from him and his life will be screwed.


loki indra similarities

The swagger and kickass attitude of these legendary gods can be easily seen in their behavior. They know they suck (people bitch about them behind their backs) but that doesn’t stop them from being awesomely proud of it. It matters not that they don’t have more than 100 Instagram followers, but does that stop them from posting those stupid videos that aren’t getting any likes whatsoever? No.


loki indra similarities

The ever-lasting and historical love for fine whiskey named “Somras” made Indra lose his entire property, his authority, his respect, even his balls. He loved to get tanked and buzzed on fine aged Somaras (which actually is a very-very old aged whiskey). Loki, on the other hand, puts his faith in high-class MaryJane. Sometimes, he has no recollection of his actions during which he is stoned.


loki indra similarities

Ok, first of all, there are no temples of Indra and naturally, if there’s no temple, there is no worshiping. His jealousy and greed for the throne of heaven subdued his heroic actions. Barely anyone worships him unless out of courtesy to ask for rain. (just coz he is head of the department). Loki has royally pissed the God’s to the extent that it is said the gods of Asgard will grant blessings upon any who destroys Loki’s Temples. (Or whatever is left of it)


loki indra similarities

Indra is also known as Suresh, Surendra, Devendra, Devesh, Shachipati, Vaasava, Surpati, Shakra, Purandara, Devraj.. blah blah blah. Fun fact, everyone refers to him as ‘An alcoholic moron’ behind his back. Loki too has many names. He is called Lokki, Luku, Lokkanet, Luki, Lokkemand, and Loptr. (All apparently L words…just saying)


loki indra similarities

Talk about Airavata, the legendary elephant as a sidekick and a ride of Indra, or the Chitauri’s that help Loki on his invasion, both are equally badass. Airavata has 4 tusks and 7 trunks and is spotless white. Loki has Chitauri’s who are cybernetic alien race governed by a hive mind. Their fighting skills and powers have no match.


loki indra similarities

Both these Gods have a long list of superpowers. They both have superhuman strength and unmatched stamina, resistance, longevity in addition to the power of magic. Indra can conjure storms and thunder. Loki can shapeshift in any form, be it human or animals. (And still, these buggers don’t know to use them wisely.)


loki indra similarities

The relationship of Loki with Thor is the same as Indra has with his brothers Vayu, Agni, and Surya. They can’t be together, and they can’t stay away from each other. Whenever there’s a get-together, it ends up in a brawl. Which is why they have stopped organizing reunions. Good riddance, otherwise what destruction they could unleash upon us.

In conclusion:

Feel proud people, if Hollywood has ‘Loki’, we have our very own ‘Indra’. It’s just a matter of name and you all know how biased this lord of rain is in India. So don’t hold back and express your frustrations in whatever way you want. Rest assured Twitterati won’t give him a second thought if you decide to condemn him.

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