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International Bawaal Over Varun Dhawan’s ‘Bawaal’, Here’s All You Need to Know

With an IMDB rating of 6.8 out of 10, Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor’s new starrer, Bawaal, was supposed to be an excellent romantic drama. Instead, the movie is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This entertainer is accused of showing the sufferings of ‘The Holocaust’ victims very lightly. The Israeli ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, has accused the movie of displaying a serious incident, the Holocaust, as a plot to depict marital issues. The particular word they have used is ‘Trivialisation,’ which means representing something as less important or serious than it actually is.

International Bawaal Over Varun Dhawan's 'Bawaal

The Ambassador of Israel to India Disappointment By Bawaal

The Ambassador of Israel to India expressed his disappointment with the movie Bawaal on Twitter.

“I did not and will not watch the film Bawaal, but from what I’ve read, there was a poor choice of terminology and symbolism. Trivialization of the Holocaust should disturb all. I urge those who don’t know enough about the horrors of the #Holocaust to educate themselves about it,” he wrote.

Not only this, but the Israel Embassy in India had also tweeted earlier a day earlier while criticizing the movie.

The Israeli embassy is disturbed by the trivialization of the significance of the Holocaust in the recent movie ‘Bawaal,’” they tweeted.

“There was a poor choice in the utilization of some terminology in the movie, and though we assume no malice was intended, we urge everyone who may not be fully aware of the horrors of the Holocaust to educate themselves about it,” further wrote.

“Our embassy is constantly working to propagate educational materials on this crucial subject, and we are open to engaging in conversations with all individuals to foster a better understanding of the universal lessons derived from the Holocaust,” concluded the tweet.

What SWC or Simon Wiesenthal Center Said?

Auschwitz is not a metaphor. It is a quintessential example of man’s capacity for evil,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, dean and director of SWC.

“By having the protagonist in this movie declare that ‘Every relationship goes through their Auschwitz,’ Nitesh Tiwari trivializes and demeans the memory of 6 million murdered Jews and millions of others who suffered at the hands of Hitler’s genocidal regime,” further said.

Amazon Prime should stop monetizing Bawaal by immediately removing this banal trivialization of the suffering and systematic murder of millions of victims of the Nazi Holocaust,” the statement reads.

Varun Dhawan also gave a statement on this matter to Pinkvilla earlier this July, “Some people got trigged or sensitive about this. But I don’t understand where that sensitivity or trigger goes when they watch, suppose, an English film, I’m saying, for example. They’re allowed to do everything there, they’re allowed to take leaps, and they’re allowed to show things in a certain way, but you’ll find that correct.”

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust is about the horrifying genocide Nazi Germany executed during World War II between 1941 and 1945. With the help of its collaborators Nazi Germany systematically murdered around six million European Jews, two-thirds of the European Jewish population. During the Holocaust era Jewish were targeted and suffered highly.

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