Surprise Your Sister With World’s 8 Most Unique Ideas For Raksha Bandhan

Are you running short of ideas about what to gift your sister, this Rakhi? Here’s the complete bucket list for rakhsha bandhan for you!

raksha bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is on its way and I’m sure each one of us is uber excited and waiting for it desperately. In fact, you all would agree to the fact that the girls wait the entire year for this festival. Why? Of course, because Rakhi is a special occasion that provides them with a fair chance to get gifts and surprises from their brothers.

Gone are the days of dangling a ten rupees note in her face or gifting the same old teddies, chocolates, and cards.

Here’s some unique ideas that would prove to your sister that you are the best brother in the world. So, make her the happiest with these out of the box gift ideas and watch her squeal in delight.

1. Book her a ticket for the latest Friday release

movie tickets

If she loves watching movies, then I am sure, this is “the option” for you. All you need to do is get a ticket booked for her and one of her friends whom she likes to hang out with. Make sure you add the eatables to the list.

2. Write a lovely message and get it printed in the newspaper

couple reading paper

Sounds perfect! If you can manage this one, I assure you she is going to boast about it with pride as long as she is alive. Write a sweet message, appreciating her for being the best sister that she is and get it printed in the newspaper she often reads.

And you know what is the best part? All her friends and family would get to read this message.

3. Book a trekking holiday for her

girl on trek with backpack

If your sis is crazy about exploring mountains and trekking, then dude, do not think further. Expect tight hugs and emotional FB status once she gets the gift of her dreams.

4. Explore some uncharted place together


unexplored place

Why not give her a surprise trip? Embark on an adventurous expedition with her to some uncharted terrain. She will never forget the precious time you spent loitering those turfs.

I am overwhelmed just thinking about the idea.

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5. Radio message

girl smiling and listening on headphones

If your sister is fond of listening to the radio, then this is a great opportunity to shout out all your emotions. Just schedule a sweet message at her favorite radio station and voila! You instantly become the world’s best Bro.

6. An exquisite wheel ride

girl in limousine

Let her feel like the queen and act as if the whole world is at her feet. Hope my brother reads through this one, I would be in the seventh heaven if he book me a luxury ride.

7. A shopping gift card

gift card

Shopping and girls. Well, you get the gist. A shopping gift card with an upper limit is like a luxury trip to Havana. Trust me, it’s worth every penny. Her wildly excited smile would say it all.

8. A cute pet

cute dog as a unique gift

A cute dog, a Persian cat or a small guinea pig can be the best companion for her. Surprise her in the midnight by keeping the cutest pet besides her pillow and let her open her eyes and find the gift. Just make sure they don’t pee in her bed. ?

Do you dig any of those ideas I have worked so hard to bring to you? Yeah. Just put them into your bucket list and keep calm for another 8 years or so to surprise your sis on Raksha Bandhan. Get ready to be a wonderful brother to an extraordinary sister. *smiles*

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