Unusual Historical Taxes That Once Existed Around the Globe

Taxes are something that most people dislike, no matter where they reside in the globe, right? Every time we have to pay a tax, be it a service tax, income tax, or any kind of tax, it costs us more money. However, it hurts much more when the tax is applied to the silliest of items! simply think of paying taxes based on how many windows your house has, or even simply for being single!

Weird Taxes That Once Existed

1. Bachelor Tax

Though you may choose to remain unmarried, men who are single in the US state of Missouri are subject to a tax that was initially implemented in 1820. Men who are single and between the ages of 21 and 50 are subject to an annual tax of $1. It’s interesting to note that a large number of nations, like Germany, South Africa, and Italy, among others, previously imposed the bachelor tax, which has since been repealed by a large number of them.

2. Window Tax

William III imposed the well-known window tax in England in 1696, charging homeowners according to the number of windows in their homes. Houses with more than ten windows had to pay a hefty ten shillings. To cut down on the amount of windows, many homes bricked them up, which had negative health effects. It was repealed in 1851, 156 years after it had been passed, as a result of activists calling it a “tax on health” and a “tax on light and air.”

3. Blueberry Tax

According to a Financial Express story, the purpose of the blueberry tax is to prevent overharvesting of the fruit, which in turn promotes the growth of the vegetation. This tax is imposed to support the wild blueberry industry, which is one of Maine’s most significant agricultural sectors. A one-and-a-half penny per pound tax is imposed on the production of blueberries in the US state of Maine.

4. Ice Block Tax

Bulk ice (i.e., ice block) purchases are subject to a tax in Arizona. Surprisingly, though, there is no tax associated with buying ice cubes. Therefore, if you ever visit Arizona, be sure to choose ice cubes in order to save money.

5. Jock Tax

Professional athletes are subject to ock tax on their earnings. Many US states, including California, impose taxes on professional athletes’ earnings made in locations outside of their native state or city. Athletes must so pay their taxes in addition to concentrating on their practices and training sessions.

6. The Pumpkin Tax

The Halloween festivity immediately springs to mind when one hears the word “Pumpkin.” However, did you know that although pumpkin is a food that is free from taxes in New Jersey, the United States, if it is “painted, varnished, or cut and sold as decorations,” then it is subject to sales tax?

7. Tattoo Tax

People get tattooed to express their views, thoughts, and other things. While services offered at tattoo parlours are excluded in many nations, this is not the case in Arkansas. The state of Arkansas has imposed a six percent sales tax on inking services rendered by different tattoo parlours and studios since 2002.

8. The Pet Tax

The Punjab government said at the close of 2017 that owners of certain household animals will be subject to a tax. There are two types of taxes defined: The first would be a yearly levy of Rs 250 for owners of dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, and deer. Second, elephants, cows, camels, horses, buffaloes, and bulls would all be subject to an annual fee of Rs 500.  

9. Toilet Flush Tax

Maryland levied a larger charge on toilet flushing than the permitted $5 monthly maximum (that is, $60 annually) to monitor water use. Maryland’s sewage treatment system is being developed with the funds raised by the toilet flush fee.

10. Cowardice Tax

In the tenth century, monarchs levied a “cowardice tax” on those who refrained from fighting for whatever reason (including fear or cowardice) in order to earn money for fighting battles. When King Henry I originally imposed this tax, it was very low. However, King John subsequently increased the tax rate by 300%.

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