WhatsApp Introduces Multi-Chat and Message Pinning Feature

Meta is presently testing a new WhatsApp feature that allows users to pin more than three chats and one message at once. Users of WhatsApp (version may now pin up to five conversations and three messages.

This feature, first reported by WABetaInfo, allows users to prioritize crucial discussions and communications so they don’t miss out on critical developments. Users with access to the most recent WhatsApp beta version may now pin up to three messages per chat, as well as up to five talks that will remain on top of all others.

The option to pin chats and messages on WhatsApp is not a new feature, since Meta launched it a while ago. However, until today, the platform only enabled users to pin one message, and if a user wanted to pin another, he or she had to unpin the original and pin the new one. With the newest version, users may now pin several messages (up to three) at once, as well as up to five conversations.

The process of pinning messages is simple and comparable to pinning conversations. On Android, users may pin a message by touching and holding it, then selecting Pin and specifying the length (24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days). On the iPhone, users may press and hold the message, then pick More options, Pin, and the pin time (24 hours, seven days, or thirty days). However, the platform only allows three pins. So, when a user attempts to pin a fourth message, WhatsApp will immediately delete the oldest pinned item from the list.

How To Pin Chats On WhatsApp

To pin a chat on WhatsApp, long-press the chat you want to pin and choose the pin option. Currently, users using the stable version of WhatsApp may pin up to three chats, while select beta users can pin up to five. To pin a new conversation, one must first unpin an existing one.

How To Pin Messages On WhatsApp

To pin a message on WhatsApp, long-press the text you want to pin and choose the pin option. Stable WhatsApp users can only pin one message per chat, however chosen beta users can pin up to three messages simultaneously. Users can pin messages for up to 30 days.

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