WhatsApp’s Username Revolutionizes Enhanced Privacy

To protect users’ phone numbers, WhatsApp is developing a new version that would enable users to select a distinctive username. More people could add you to their contacts if your username was unique and concealed your registered cellphone number. According to the WhatsApp updates tracker WABetaInfo, the functionality is still under development and may not be available for several months. 

Even WhatsApp beta users currently do not have access to the future. Therefore, it is unclear how exactly things work. Many social networking sites and messaging apps, such as Signal, let users to log in and interact with others without revealing their phone numbers. WhatsApp, aside from the login with a mobile number option, may provide equivalent functionality.

The story also gives a screenshot of how WhatsApp’s username function would operate. We can see it in the Profile part of the Settings menu. The report goes on to say: “With the ability to select a username, WhatsApp users will be able to add an additional layer of privacy to their accounts.” Instead of relying solely on phone numbers to identify contacts, users will be able to choose a unique and memorable username: by allowing users to choose usernames, WhatsApp may offer users the ability to reach other people by entering a username within the app, without knowing their phone numbers.”

Will the new WhatsApp username option curb spam calls?

The current upgrade comes after numerous customers throughout the world, including those in India, reported receiving spam calls and messages. Users in India have also reported receiving spam calls from overseas numbers, especially for phishing.

While using a username instead of a telephone number may provide a layer of protection, history shows that hackers and bad actors will always find a way to trick others. Social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for example, have depended on usernames to log in, yet many users continue to get odd messages and phone calls on these applications. 

Usernames may provide temporary relief, but unscrupulous actors may discover new ways to harass people on WhatsApp in the long term. Readers should be aware that neither WhatsApp nor its parent company Meta have verified the functionality.

WhatsApp has just begun to roll out services for Indian users. The platform acquired a multi-device connectivity option last month, allowing users to utilise WhatsApp on numerous phones via the in-built Link option. WhatsApp has included a Lock Chat function to protect specific chats from others. Earlier this week, the business also introduced an Edit message option, which would allow customers to correct mistakes within 15 minutes after sending the text.

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