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6 Reasons Why Everyone Likes To Wear White On Holi (For Me, It’s The 3rd One!!)

Holi is just around the corner.

It is on Thursday. Some lucky AF folks can sure as hell get a long weekend, but not me. We just have a day’s off and that guarantees I am not going to play Holi this time. (Anyways I hate playing with colors unless I am painting). But I love wearing white on this day.

I am sure most of you also wear white on Holi. But have you ever wondered why you choose to wear this color? Why not red? Or blue? Or any other color for that matter? Well, I did. And I have 6 reasons that might be the reason we wear white on Holi-

1. To look cool


Come-on everyone knows that white looks cool. Like movies kinda cool, especially on Holi. Boys can wear either white kurta-pajama or white shirt (or t-shirt) that they can pair with denim. For girls, options are limitless. From kurta to top they can wear anything.

2. To make the colors pop out’

Apart from just looking classy, people usually wear white on holi just so that have all the different shades of Holi gulaal on their clothes pop out. If you decide to wear white on Holi, you might end up owning a new (exclusive) t-shirt (or shirt).

3. It gives you the leader feel

Lol, white kurta is a trademark of politicians and ministers in our country. Some folks might end up thinking they are Neta’s (politicians). And they like to wear white on Holi so that they can create some chaos on roads. (which is quite possible after few glasses of bhang)

4. White is classy (Like Bollywood classy)

White is sassy, all the classy people in like to dress in white. And I know white looks good on me (and on you too). Also, it shows that you like to celebrate holi. That’s why you are dressed like a white canvas in front of all the immature painters with their color bombs.

5. For symbolizing PEACE and brotherhood

White is a color that symbolizes peace. People wear white on holi to portray brotherhood and humanity. Also, according to what we have read in our school, God Vishnu wins over evil, allowing peace to humanity. White emits peace out vibes.

6. The photos come out sexy AF

I can not forget this one. It’s the most important reason that supports why everyone wears so white on Holi. And social media is proof of that. Your Instagram feed will we be flooded with pictures of your friends (or other people you follow), all wearing white and looking sexy as F**K.

White is the new black

I don’t know about all the other common days, but white is the new black. And when it comes to Holi, that’s for sure. Now go on, decide which whites you are going to flaunt this Holi. Make best memories out of the day as you know ‘kuch daag achhe hain.’

Have a great holi and try not to waste unnecessary water.

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