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‘Deltacron’: Cyprus Researcher Has Found A New Covid Variant?

Deltacron can be the combined variant of Delta and Omicron Covid variants.

‘Deltacron’ a researcher of Cyprus University has claimed that he and his team have found a new covid variant. This new variant contains the attributes of both the Delta and Omicron versions. Many other researchers are having their doubts, but the Cyprus researcher has decided to hold nothing back. He is sure that he discovers a new variant that has the combined attributes of atleast 10 mutations of both the Delta and Omicron.

Everybody is just fed up with current COVID-19 news. Listening to the COVID updates just becomes dull. But this update might catch you off guard, and with this news, numerous questions will arrive in your mind.

Deltacron can be the combined variant of Delta and Omicron Covid variants.

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Whether New Variant is real or not?

Leondios Kostrikis a researcher at the University of Cyprus and his team has recognised 25 new cases of a new coronavirus variant called ‘Deltacron’. An interview of Kostrikis was held where he said “We will see in the future if this strain is more pathological or more contagious or if it will prevail”. After finding new cases of 25 Deltacron variants, they were shifted to a research facility called GISAID. This is an international facility that follows the mutational changes in viruses.

In his tweet scientist, Eric Topol wrote “Detlacron is a Scariant” rather than calling it a variant. He further added, “One less thing to worry about”. He states that this variant is nothing to be worried about but still is accomplishing his duty to scare a lot of people.

Even Deltacron is not the official name of this variant. Another name Delmicron was also became popular before Deltacron. Neither of them is the official name and only denotes the combined attributes of Delta and Omicron.

Similarly, a new variant IHU was also founded before apart from Omicron in November. Omicron become a more dominant version than IHU. The characteristics of IHU were very limited.

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