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Explaining 10 Most Common Types Of Psychological Disorder That You Don’t Really Know About

Sometimes people find it hard to sleep at night, no they are not afraid of a monster under their bed. But still, for them, sleep is not that easy to get.

Counting sheep, reading crime novels and listening to all those melodious lullabies- they have tried everything but there is still no sign of sleep. So, are they pretending it? No, they aren’t. They are just suffering from one or the other types of psychological disorder. In this case, it is Insomnia.

You must have heard about this mental condition in movies. But talking about it is like a taboo. No one want’s to talk about them. But, if you don’t know what you are suffering from, how are will you get yourself treated? So, here are 10 types of psychological disorder that you should really know about.

1. Phobia

types of psychological disorder

Everyone has some kind of phobia, it won’t affect until you are in control. But for many people, it is more serious. Having fear of a thing or a subject can cause anxiety issues. If you feel unsafe leaving your home (or a place where you feel safe) then you are suffering from agoraphobia.

In many cases, it can trigger panic attacks (which is a more familiar term).

2. Depression

types of psychological disorder

2-7% of adults who are suffering from depression tend to commit suicide. I’m not trying to scare you, just trying to make you aware. Sadness, apathy or loneliness lasting for at least 2 weeks along with the distress in regular activity can cause depression. Sleeping disorders, low self-esteem, low energy, guilt and loss of interest are the symptoms of depression.

Depressed people need love. So, if you know someone who is depressed you can help them get better by showing care.

3. Eating disorder

types of psychological disorder

Mainly there are three types of psychological disorder when it comes to eating disorder. When a woman avoids food because of their fear of gaining weight it is called Anorexia, which means too much dieting can make you mentally ill.

There are two other such types of psychological disorders- binge eating and bulimia. A person tends to forget all the limits of their eating order in binge eating. While in bulimia, one develops a behavior of overeating by making up to their eating after a day of fast or after vomiting.

4. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

types of psychological disorder

Yes, you have heard of it many times in different movies. It is a mental disorder that causes mental distress. It can be triggered when a person experiences a life-threatening or traumatic event. Accidents, warfare, and sexual abuse is the main reason why people suffer from PTSD. Symptoms include- Disturbing thoughts, flashbacks, nightmare, sleeping disorder, and nightmares.

After world war-2 many veterans are diagnosed with PTSD as they came back from the war but they still see the flashbacks from the war.

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5. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

types of psychological disorder

It is a type of anxiety disorder. In this disorder, people tend to get reassuring thoughts of doing something repeatedly. There can be a whole bunch of different types of OCD cases. In the case of washers, a person tends to wash their hand again and again because they are afraid their hands are still covered with germs.

Checkers, a person keeps on checking if all the switches are on or off, if all the shoes are on shoe rach or not.

6. Bipolar

types of psychological disorder

Unwanted behaviors change, getting depressed after finishing a race can be because of bipolar disorder. In this, a person behavior gets divided into partial depression and partial mood elevation. During the period of depression people feel, less energy, loss of interest, apathy, and lack of motivation. While during the phase of mood elevation, people feel high energy, loss of touch with the reality and reduced need of sleep.

It is a very serious mental condition that results in people committing suicide. Still, people are not very aware of it.

7. Insomnia

types of psychological disorder

In this mental condition, people find it difficult to sleep. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to sleep, it just no matter how hard they try, they can’t find sleep or stay asleep. Lack of sleep can cause body fatigue. People who are suffering from insomnia can feel irritated, lack of motivation, less energy, and depressed mood.

It is advisable to consult a psychiatrist to make sure it won’t get worse.

8. Schizophrenia

types of psychological disorder

This is the most serious types of psychological disorder of  this list. A person who is suffering from schizophrenia finds it hard to differentiate between reality and imagination. Their ability to behave, respond, feel or think can get disrupted. A person tends to reject the personal and real relationships with the delusional imaginary relationship.

Hallucination, fear, hearing strange voices and disorganized speech are the symptoms of this mental condition.

9. Paranoia

types of psychological disorder

In this condition, a person continuously lives under a fervent but irrational threat of dying. Some conspiracies might be fake for you but many of the paranoia sufferers are scared of or some or another conspiracy. Some of them have the fear of persecution, which makes hard for them to live their lives without thinking much.

They continuously get the feeling that someone is keeping an eye on them.

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10. Panic Disorder

types of psychological disorder

It is also a type of anxiety disorder. In this, a person gets sudden phases of extreme fear and panic attack. Usually, these episodes can last as long as 10 minutes. A sudden increase of heartbeats, shaking of the body or sweating can be caused because of the panic disorder.

This feeling of panic and fear occur regularly and can happen at any time, making it hard for the sufferer to deal with it.

In Conclusion:

Unlike fever that your body gets during every changing season, your brain gets ill very rarely. These psychological disorders are some of the mental illness that one’s brain can face. To live a long life you have to keep both your brain and body in good shape.

It’s good that now you know some of these common types of psychological disorder!

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