Here Is Why “Uninstall WhatsApp” Was Trending On Twitter

If you hit Twitter early today “Uninstall WhatsApp” might have caught your eye amongst the top 3 trends. Well, the messaging app has done nothing wrong. It was more about tow personalities and the misinformation they spread courtesy ‘WhatsApp Forward’.

Uninstall Whatsapp

The 2 personalities were Bollywood’s megastar Amitabh Bachchan and businessman Anand Mahindra. This comes in response to a series of fake news, misinformation, and insensitive forwards shared by the two senior-most personalities. Mahindra recently tweeted a picture of mother and son wearing masks made out of tree leaf.

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Don’t know who took this and the location but I hope this photo becomes one of the most iconic images and memories of the pandemic. It’s not just about #MaskIndia but also about a greener world. A reminder that nature already provides us with all that we need“, he tweeted along with the picture. This tweet soon got criticism and he was forced to delete it. Meanwhile, Amitabh Bachchan shared a tweet where he shared a ‘WhatsApp‘ forward related to the pandemic coronavirus.

This act by the two let to the circulation of a petition requesting WhatsApp to disable the app on the 2 personalities account. This made the trend quickly. So, for over 1, 200 people signed it.

Further, there were some hilarious reactions from netizens on the trend. Here are they:

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