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How To Look Offline On Social Media Platforms

“Social Media Platforms are overwhelming!”

We all would agree that it can be written in blood letters on a wall. It is true that one might find it hard to keep them away from using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more. You must have been stuck at times when you don’t want to talk to a person but he can see that you are online. What a wild mess it feels!

Let’s discuss some ways through which you can hide your status on several platforms.

Whats App Last Seen

There is a setting on WhatsApp through which you can hide your last seen. Last seen shows when was the last time you were active on the app. Once you hide your last seen status, no one would be able to see when you were active last time. But you won’t be able to see last seen status of anyone likewise after that.

Go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Last Seen. After this you will see three options; Everyone, Nobody, My Contacts. Select Nobody and you are good to go.

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Active Status On Facebook

You don’t want anyone to see you are active on Facebook even though you are spending 2-3 hours on the social media platform. You can choose an option where your friends on Facebook cannot see your active status online.

Open the Facebook Mobile App and select Menu in Tool bar. Go to Settings & Privacy section and scroll to Audience and Visibility. Choose Active Status and disable ‘Show when you are active’.

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Online Status On Instagram

You did not know that you can also disable Online Status just like you do on Facebook.

Open mobile app of Instagram and go to your Profile. Tap Menu on top right corner and click on Settings. From there go to Privacy> Activity Status and disable Show Activity Status.

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Look Offline On Telegram

It is almost similar to WhatsApp but the difference is Last Seen is merged with Online status. You have to go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Last Seen & Online.

You will get three options after this; My Contacts, Everybody and Nobody. You can choose Nobody to hide your last seen and online status on Telegram like this.

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You are good to go now! Enjoy this new found freedom.

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