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New Features for E-Stamps Coming Soon in Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh plans to increase the security of e-stamps. The Department of Stamps and Registration has finished preparing for this and intends to start the process by providing individuals with e-stamp papers that are less valuable.

An approved user would be able to receive these personalized e-stamps by verifying their Aadhaar card details online. The goal of this precaution is to remove the possibility of fake stamps. The department has also completed the new e-stamp format’s design.

This idea would initially be adopted for e-stamps valued at less than Rs 100, as per CM Yogi Adityanath’s directives. Officials here stated on Monday that nine unique security mechanisms have been included to guarantee the security of the new format.

A 1-D barcode, static line, SD amount, static SD amount, buyer’s name, ASYM certificate ID, single layer logo, text thread date, text ribbon, and BG are some of these characteristics. It will be impossible to produce counterfeit stamps thanks to these steps.

It is important to note that the cost of printing a Rs 10 stamp on paper, including transportation from the Kanpur facility, comes to about Rs 16. Stamps with low values are used more often. These stamps are used for public grievances, job services, school and college admissions, affidavits, and different government programs.

Over 47 lakh e-stamps valued at more than Rs 100 were issued in 2023–24, while over 2 crore 56 million e-stamp sheets valued at less than Rs 100 were issued.

Smaller value stamps are thought to have a lower percentage commission, which frequently results in concerns that certain dealers participate in black market activity and fabricate scarcity. These hazards will be reduced by the provision of secure e-stamps for lesser values.

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