One Piece Egghead Arc: Trailer, New Characters, Fights, Deaths, More

As the Wano Arc is almost concluded, it’s time the audience learns about the next big event. True One Piece fans will never stop learning about the spoilers. They love to know about the upcoming exciting fights. So, with the defeat of Kaido, the Egghead arc is going to be on air soon, and this blog will discuss all about it.

One Piece Egghead Arc

What is Egghead Arc?

One Piece is entering the final phase, and the Egghead Arc is the first significant segment of the Final Saga. Oda had promised earlier this year to end the series in the next few years. So, living up to his promise, the Egghead Arc is about to begin. This arc features the essential moments of One Piece: many mysteries will be unveiled, few deaths will be mourned, and, of course, Straw Hats will be the epicentre of chaos, as always.

The show has released a new trailer displaying a glimpse of events going to happen in the Egghead Arc. This is the coolest way to deliver spoilers and generate curiosity among the audience. The series will kick off with Luffy and the crew members meeting with the impressive Dr. Vegapunk on his secret island, a laboratory, and messing with all his wild experiments. In Japan, One Piece Egghard Arc mangas have topped the shelves.

Watch the trailer here:

Main Characters of Egghead Arc Who Have Major Roles to Play

1. Luffy

Luffy in Egghead Arc

Of course, Luffy is the first in this list of main characters, and he is the protagonist. Luffy is involved in all arcs throughout the series to make things go crazy every time. In the Egghead arc, as always, Luffy gets separated from his crew and meets another pirate Bonney. Further, they will be the first to meet Dr.Vegapunk.

Vegapunk, after meeting Luffy, requested him to sail with his crew for some time. Luffy said ok to the proposal, and they left for Frontier Dome. But things go left, and Luffy has to fight Rob Lucci to protect Dr. Vegapunk.

2. Dr. Vegapunk

Dr. Vegapunk

Until now, Dr. Vegapunk had been seen as the most intelligent main character in One Piece. They said he had designed some of the most significant weapons and technological gadgets. In the Egghead arc, you will witness his best creation named Seraphim. Other than this, he is one of the few characters alive who knows a lot about the history of the world.

He is a very curious man, and the combination of both curiosity and intelligence made him do research about the unexplored and forbidden. Of course, the world government didn’t like it and sent CP0 to wipe him out.

3. Six Satellites

Six Satellites

The Six Satellites of Vegapunk are not just ordinary robots talking nonsense. Each one has its own consciousness and intelligence as per the rank. Dr. Vegapunk created them all to complete more tasks in a short time. Named Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas, and York, they are also called Vegapunks, so the seventh Vegapunk is the original Doctor. Six Satellites have until now proved to be the main characters, and their significance is going to increase with each episode.

4. Roronoa Zoro

Zoro in Egghead Arc

Zoro decides to stay on the ship along with Brook, as the rest of the crew decides to explore the island. Well, the decision was very right, as CP0 had invaded the island and had to cut all the escape routes. They decide to destroy the ship. However, Zoro wakes up on time and stops the attack of Kaku. Well, as the history repeats itself. Zoro and Kaku will fight a decisive battle which decides the survival of Thousand Sunny.

5. Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma in Egghead

Bartholomew Kuma is one of the main characters of Egghead Arc. He is a former warlord and a great pirate who turned into a mindless cyborg to become the salve of celestial dragons. This was very sad as his strength is formidable. Kuma was rescued by the Revolutionary army and also helped the straw hats to escape from Kizaru. But Kuma sends himself to the Red Line. With his powers, it’s like he is doing some significant secret work. So, he is one of the main characters of not the Egghead Arc but of the whole Final Saga.

6. Jewellery Bonney

Jewellery Bonney in Egghead

Jewelry Bonney is highly likely to become one of the main characters of the Egghead Arc. Before this, Bonney never made a significant appearance. But at the start of this arc, Straw Hats rescued Bonney and sailed with her to Egghead Island at her request. She wants Dr Vegapunk to make her father normal again. We can suspiciously say that CP0 was also trying to kill her.

7. Seraphim

Seraphim Egghead Arc

The Seraphims are the biggest weapon made by the smartest character of One Piece, Dr. Vegapunk. They look like the seven warlords but in the bodies of Kids. Each one of them has crazy strength and ability to express emotions. It looks like Oda had planned something big and unique for Seraphim.

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Every One Piece Fight You Will Witness In Egghead Arc

The Egghead Arc is all about exposing big secrets and unveiling the mysteries behind the major events. This arc will feature some of the most captivating fights of major characters like Shanks, Garp, Blackbeard, Kid, Zoro, Luffy, Seraphims, etc.

1. Kid Vs Shanks

Kid Vs Shanks in Egghead Arc

Eustass Kid left Wano and remained silent for a long time. It was later confirmed that he went to Elbaf island, and when he found out that Shanks was there, he was furious to take revenge. He saw an opportunity to defeat Red Hair pirates and took out Shanks for cutting off his arm back then, before the Wano arc.

2. Kaku Vs. Zoro

Kaku Vs. Zoro in Egghead Arc

Kaku and Zoro fought at Enies Lobby for the very first time. To defeat Kaku, Zoro had to release his Ashura form to use Demon Aura Nine Sword Style, a lethal attack. Now once again, they are going to fight each other in the Egghead Arc. The fight is going to be an epic one, as both of them have gained a lot of strength since the last meeting.

Kaku has unlocked its devil fruit powers and can awaken at any moment he wants. The duel between both is going to be intense. However, before the fight could enter the final phase, Stussy intervenes and knocks out Kaku.

3. Luffy vs Lucci

Luffy vs Lucci Egghead

Another battle will be fought between Rob Lucci and Luffy. Their battle history goes way beyond Water 7. Last time, Luffy won the battle against Lucci. But he had to suffer a lot of injuries to defeat him. Lucci was kicked out of CP9 but promoted to CP0. Since then, they both never faced each other until the Egghead arc.

On Egghead Island, Lucci’s mission is to kill Doctor Vegapunk, and Luffy will protect him. You will soon witness that Lucci ignores his orders not to engage Luffy in the battle and gets defeated once again. He fought because of the overconfidence he had in his devil fruit awakening. Luffy overpowered him from the start of the battle.

4. Blackbeard Vs Law

Blackbeard vs Law Eggheard

Oad had kept Blackbeard away from the Wano arc, as there were already two yonkos involved. However, now the Blackbeard will be involved in Egghead Arc, and an epic battle will be seen between him and Law pirates.

The fight will begin when Blackbeard decides to ambush Law, who will be near Winner Island. When they clashed with each other, fans were expecting that Blackbeard would demolish Law, but he displayed extraordinary combat skills and stayed ahead of Blackbeard. The conclusion of the fight is not known.

5. The Straw Hats & CP0 vs. The Seraphim

The Straw Hats and CP0 vs Seraphim in Egghead Arc

Yes, it is correct. You will witness a short-term alliance between Straw Hats and CP0 to eliminate the threat named Seraphim.

It all started when Stussy betrayed both Lucci and Kaku. Both of them were locked up to avoid any more trouble. However, because of York’s defection, the Seraphim got activated and started eliminating all those who were present on the island.

As the CP0 were also in trouble because of the strength and intense agility Seraphim possessed, they proposed an alliance between them and straw hats. Even Zoro and Luffy were struggling to defeat them.

6. Marines (Garp) Vs. Blackbeard Pirates

Garp and Marines vs Blackbeard in Egghead Arc

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated battles will be fought in Egghead Arc between Garp and Marines vs Blackbeard Pirates. It all started when Blackbeard went to Amazon Lily with the aim of stealing Boa Hancock’s dragon fruit powers. However, Rayleigh saved them, and Blackbeard wasn’t able to cause any serious damage. But he’s the devil who refused to go empty-handed, so he kidnapped Koby instead.

He will use Koby as a bargaining chip for the World Government, but Blackbeard had never imagined the Garp would come to the rescue with full marine force. It is highly difficult to predict the conclusion, but one thing is sure: the fight will be an epic.

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