Safeguarding Against COVID-19: Mask, Thermal Scanning And Social Distancing Mandate In Noida

The mask was made mandatory in Noida on Thursday as there was a sudden rise in the increase in number of covid infections reported in the city. The health department ordered that wearing masks is mandatory and people without wearing masks will not be allowed in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, malls, movie halls, public transport, and any public place. 

There was no such order observed in Ghaziabad. Noida CMO Dr. Sunil Sharma issued an order which advised people to wear gloves that were similar to the initial months of the first Covid outbreak in early of the year 2020 when people know very less about the situation. 

All private and public offices are advised to conduct thermal scanning at the entry gates of the offices. The order stated that offices are mandated to get sanitized and people or employees with any flu symptoms are advised to get isolated and get tested for the illness. Noida health department asked offices to report the symptomatic person to them. 

Schools, colleges, and all educational institutions are advised to ensure the proper distance between the seats in the classes, and soaps and sanitizers should be made available adequately. Schools, colleges, and all educational institutions are also mandated to conduct thermal screening at the entry. Students with symptoms like cold, cough, or flu symptoms are advised to stay back home and not attend school and college. 

Hospitals are advised to set up flu clinics and effectively manage the long queues at the hospital information desks and pharmacies on their premises. People are also advised to wear hand gloves along with masks at the malls and movie halls while purchasing anything. Similar to hospitals, the malls and movie hall authorities should effectively manage long queues and ensure social distancing.

The guidelines issued stated various standards for passengers and authorities at bus and train terminals. Among these are seat spacing in waiting rooms and maintaining social distance while boarding or de-boarding. Furthermore, the order stated that measures such as sanitization of public entrances, escalators, lifts, and parking spaces. Covid guidelines, including disguising up and social separation, should be followed during events and gatherings such as weddings, according to the report.

The order advised the elderly and children to avoid crowded locations. The order stated that people who are suffering from multiple diseases are advised to stay at home. The order also advised people to avoid physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging each other. The Sars-CoV-2 virus mostly transmits by minute droplets hanging in the air, particularly in locations with inadequate ventilation.

Many steps outlined in the order will be difficult to accomplish as most of the restrictions have been removed and economic activity has restarted at full speed. Cases of Covid-19 have increased in most sections of the nation since March. On Thursday, Noida recorded 114 new cases, while Ghaziabad reported 108.

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